May 21, 2010

Ultimate World of Whimsy – Course Information

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ultimate wow

Ultimate World of Whimsy – Course Information

*Ultimate World of Whimsy*
Mixed Media Art Workshop

Now Available as an Online Download!

You will get access to the online group where you can watch and download all the classes. Access to the group is unlimited.

Ultimate World of Whimsy is as comprehensive as it can get! Learn how to create your own whimsical character and get ALL the extras from WOW 2 as well!!

Find out more and sign up here: Ultimate World of Whimsy

Student Feedback:

“WOW2 is a fun & fabulous course, geared mostly towards beginner -to- intermediate artists, focusing on whimsical illustration drawing & mixed media painting techniques. WOW2 begins with drawing basics, moves through developing backgrounds, adding pretty embellishments, & ends with creating adorable animal friends. In addition, WOW2 features beautiful healing, introspective, & non-violent communication ideas & methods that uplift the heart & feed the mind. If you like to smile, to draw, and to play with paint, this course is for you!”

Bonnie Rose Bryan, France

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This course is a combination of both WOW 1 & WOW 2, now referred to as ‘Ultimate World of Whimsy’. Over 1470 students have joined this course since part of it was first run in 2009.

The extras on WOW 2 include; creating darker skin tones, taking a closer look at colour theory, creating whimsical animal characters and extra background techniques!

This course is filled up to the brim with mixed media techniques, useful information, PDFs, healing exercises and fun!!



Course outline

Art Outline
week 1 – Composition, layout, drawing your main elements.
week 2 – Shading and filling in your elements & Darker Skin Tones.
week 3 – Background & layering
week 4 – Embellishments, definitions & borders (frames).
week 5 – Colour Theory & Adding inspirational, uplifting messages to your art
week 6 – Creating Whimsical Animal Characters & EXtra Background Techniques

Your pdfs will contain both technical guidance and will look into positive healing and
self acceptance practises based on the teachings of Marshall Rosenberg (nonviolent
communication, looking at feelings and needs), Eckhart Tolle (the power of now),
Byron Katie (the work) and Focusing.

Self-Acceptance/ Healing Outline—PDFs
week 1 – “There Is No Such Thing As Failure” & “The Art of Acceptance”
week 2 – “Dancing with Monsters”
week 3 – “Being Here Now/ Feelings & Needs”
week 4 – “Who Would You Be Without Your Story?”
week 5 – “Being Incredibly Awesome”
week 6 – “Jump and the net will appear”


The course contains 15 video files (many many hours worth of lessons) covering 6 weeks of mixed media art lessons!

Find out more and sign up here: Ultimate World of Whimsy

Student Feedback
(with permission)
If you want to learn to draw and paint whimsical characters and animals then Whimsy II would be the course for you to invest in. There are a lot of courses much like it online, this one has more detailed information plus the healing portion just rounds it out to make it a complete experience.
– Joe Ann Smith, Houston, Tx
“A very fun and friendly way to learn how to draw whimsy characters, and a great place to start your art journey!”
– Sylvia Schippers
Brielle, Netherlands

“This is the best art course with a most wonderful caring teacher and it it worth every penny that they spend because they will get much more out of it.”
– Kimmee M, Seattle WA

“This was the best art class I have ever taken. I loved the forum. I could work on my schedule, and still have interaction with the class. The video chats were also very helpful. Tam, this class really has encouraged me as an artist!”
– Dina Cooper, USA
“I already tell them how much I love your classes-they are super informative,easy to understand,organized, and you make me feel good about myself and doing art.”
– Joanne Kurtz
Temecula, CA
“A lovely art course intertwining art techniques with self-healing and spiritual growth. It offers plenty of opportunity for feedback from the artist who creates a safe, welcoming and fun learning environment at all times =)”
“Very enjoyable, relaxing, friendly, and knowledgeable. I was really amazed at how much you care about the people who sign up, it is not all about the money. When you reached out to those of us who do not particapate, I am one of those, it made me feel that I wasn’t a number and that you are an angel!” Alana Churchill,
Columbus Montana US

“An artful, intuitive, wacky, fun, learning experience.”
– Leesdy Medina

“Its fun and will get you creating. Its non-competitive, relaxed, supportive.

Tam is incredibly generous with her time. Lessons consist of videos each week, PDFs, live upstream chat and critiques. This is where Tam really shines as she takes each persons uploaded drawings and gives very specific visual suggestions by manipulating the images in Photoshop. Can you imagine the time this must take?

I was super engaged and really enjoying the whole Group experience. There are some wonderful artists involved, lots of beginners and people rediscovering their artistic talents. It is a nurturing experience. The forum around the lessons is very active and Tam is completely involved. Having the course leader putting energy into the discussions makes such a huge difference. I have so much admiration for her. She really has created a happy place for making art.

What I got out of it: I am really having fun just being free and drawing whimsical characters! I have at least one that wants his own book I have started experimenting with techniques, incorporating my photography. I am having so much FUN!

Highly recommended!”

Jane Davenport, Byron Bay, Australia

“This course is easy and pressure free. You will learn so much while having fun you won’t believe it. Tam is a great teacher with no pressure or judgement. Her videos are very clear so, it’s easy to do what you see her demonstrate. This course is a good mix of serious, funny and just being human. Sign up… you won’t be sorry.”
-Sherree Givens

“This is an amazing course that can take even the most basic person that draws stick figures and turn them in to someone that will not only be a better drawer but will love thier drawings and feelings of accomplishments. Not to mention the feeling of being a better perosn for having done the internal as well as external work.”
– Heidy Sutherland, Australia


Find out more and sign up here: Ultimate World of Whimsy