June 21, 2010

tupdate (=tam + update) ;)

i’m wearing pink lipstick today. pinker than usual that is. my lipstick normally, tends to veer towards reddy/ orange. i know, you really wanted to know that, didn’t you? ;) quick update on status of art stuff. 1. i’m working on my new online art course! yes, yes, World of Whimsy II is coming to Read More

June 21, 2010

last day in holland

last day in holland my brother screeches; ‘on a dark desert high wayyyy, cool wind in my hai-air …’, i sing along, loudly, out of tune; ‘warm smell of colitas, rising up through the ai-hai-haiaiiar …’ my mother laughs, my dad giggles, and dylan is snorring through the whole thing, deeply asleep in his car Read More

June 04, 2010

listen to the whispers

i’m in holland at the moment. ~ family missing piece; he’s in lebanon, but he belongs with us. ♥