December 30, 2014

Thank You, Thank You – here is a gift <3

Hello friends. :) I’m in the middle of last-days-of-the-year-chaos, it’s a good kind of chaos (sign ups to Life Book – lots of queries/ admin related to it), end of year excitement and finalising all the shiny bits for the LB groups everywhere. Already over 2100+ people have signed up (I’m not even sure how Read More

December 12, 2014

Little Xmas Elephant Now Available!

Hello beautiful reader o’ mine. Thanks for being here and reading mah stuffs. I always wish I can muse more like in them ‘olden’ days and I’m setting a goal for 2015 to blog more about things and life and things and such and little tiny shiny things and pink little elephants (seems ‘little’ is Read More

December 08, 2014

I love you anyway.

My husband Andy is an amazingly loving, caring, beautiful being. When I met him my life made a u-turn into a million times better direction. Through him my awareness expanded, love and understanding opened up more, self-connection deepened. One of the greatest teachers, friends, soul-mates I’ve ever had is he. He is so kind, patient, Read More

November 25, 2014

Willowing Arts Calendars 2015 are now HERE! :)

Hi guys! I’ve been a bit awol lately, mostly because I’ve not been very well. I’ve been sleeping 10-12 hours every night since Andy’s come back from Nepal and I’ve had tummy aches and all that stuff. Since the week of sleep (ha ha), I’m much improved but still not 100%. I think my body Read More

November 03, 2014

12 Artsy Ornaments of Christmas – The Stars of your Life

  Hi guys! I’m writing to you as a CRAZED lady who’s just spent 4 days (mostly) alone with 2 under 6s (my child-carer has been off sick). I have a nervous twitch, my hair is more unkempt than usual (if that’s even possible with dreads), I smell vaguely of urine and an undefined cheese Read More

October 28, 2014

Altering a Children’s Book

Hey guys! I’ve been altering a children’s book over the last couple of weeks, enjoyed it at a lot and made you a little tutorial. :) There isn’t much to it really. Just prepping & priming pages in interesting ways and altering the cover a bit too! :) In my free art course (Art, Heart Read More

October 14, 2014

Winners of Everything! :-)

First up: you are all winners even if you didn’t win a prize today. You are awesome, I believe in you, you rock and can do anything you want in life. Yes you! :) Now that that’s out of the way; I’m sorry if you’ve not won any of the prizes we have been giving Read More

October 03, 2014

It’s like Christmas Around Here! :) (More Give-Aways Yay!)

Hey everyone. Here a quick update with some fun things before Life Book 2015 goes on sale on Monday (We’ve been totally hunkered down in our Willowing HQ bunker to get everything finalised, so. much. work. but. so. so. exciting. and. fun!) Eeeee!! Exciting!! I went on an art retreat in Ireland last week (and Read More

September 18, 2014

Winners & New Art Candy :)

I’m going to Ireland for a week tomorrow (yay for self-care & creative self-expression on another retreat!) but I wanted to pop in here quickly to announce who the winners are of my Life Book 2015 give-away! Woohoo! So, over 830+ of you entered. Holy Moly Batman, that is a LOT of people. And as Read More

September 08, 2014

Life Book 2015 – Teacher Line Up – Blog Hop and GIVE AWAY! :)

La la la laaaaaaa!!! It’s time! It’s time! iiiiiit’s time!! It’s time to announce the TEACHER LINE UP FOR LIFE BOOK 2015!!!! :D eeeeeeee! People, Gracie and I have been working our noses off over the last couple of months to get everything ready and finalised for Life Book 2015!! (So so much goes on Read More

September 02, 2014

What does your heart say? Free Art Tutorial!

Hey awesome creative friend! I just sent out my newsletter with the following info in it and thought you bloggies (it’s a word) might like to hear about it too! :) —> How are you doing over there? :) I hope life is treating you with sunshine and daisies and lots of free time to Read More

August 13, 2014

Book Worm Girl – Available Now! :)

She’s finally here guys! :D So many of you saw the work in progress photo steps of this girlie on my instagram and instantly asked me: ‘will she be available as a lesson?‘ and at first she wasn’t and then all of a sudden: SHE WAS! NOW SHE IS! :) Yayyyy! Come learn how to Read More