September 02, 2014

What does your heart say? Free Art Tutorial!

By Tamara Laporte  |   in mixed media  | Tags: free art tutorial , heart magazine , inspiration inklings , willowing , Willowing Arts  
Hey awesome creative friend! I just sent out my newsletter with the following info in it and thought you bloggies (it’s a word) might like to hear about it too! :) —>

How are you doing over there? :) I hope life is treating you with sunshine and daisies and lots of free time to create! :) Gracie and I have just returned from a a wonderful weekend of art making in Oxford with a group of like-minded women, it was so very inspiring and nourishing! :)

Today I wanted to share a new free time-lapsed tutorial with you that I created for an awesome digital art magazine called HeArt Journal Magazine! :) It was so fun to create this! I used a ‘paint over collage’ technique that I absolutely LOVE doing! (You can sign up for a more in depth class HERE too if you like what you see in this free tutorial today).


Watch the video here: 

I feel very blessed to have been published in heART Journal Magazine, definitely check it out, you can get it on iPhone, iPad and Android too! :) 

To celebrate that I’m in the magazine, I can also offer you a FREE issue of the magazine (yayyyy!) here follow the instructions on how to get your free issue:

Get your free issue of heART Journal Magazine today!

Simply download the app on iTunes or
Google Play

Then on your device follow these directions using subscriber code: heartsharing (case sensitive) 

  • Install the App on your device
  • Launch the Magazine
  • On the Home Page, Tap on the Yellow subscribe button
  • Tap on the Current Subscribers button                                  
  • Enter this: heartsharing (case sensitive)

You will now be able to download a free issue to heART Journal Magazine. Remember, the code is case sensitive. For help with the coupon code, email This code is good for 4 weeks please use before October 1st.




In other news:




Inspiration Inklings is a new group where I’ll be posting free inspiring tutorials that you can use as prompts to keep your creative juices flowing, yay! :)

Join it HERE.

Work in for this group will be posted in the


Come join the Willowing & Friends ATC swap for September! The theme is: ‘Recycle, Reduce, Reuse JOIN HERE if you want to swap. :)   





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