September 30, 2015

Update: Life. – Cinder, Smoke & Flutterlings

Update: Life! :) It’s been a while. When, dear people, did my business start to run ME instead of ME, it?! It’s grown like a bit of a beast and I’m so proud and amazed and I’m also scratching my head over how I suddenly ended up in the middle of this tsunami of work Read More

September 23, 2015

Luna in the Sky

Luna in the Sky A new time-lapse art video for you to enjoy! :) xoox Photo details: 

September 15, 2015

Winners of the Give Away and Scholarships! :)

Oh my God you guys, so many of you left your amazing messages on the give-away/ scholarship post! We had over 750+ responses!! WOW It’s so moving to read that so many of you who are currently on Life Book are enjoying it SO much and how some of you who were on previous years Read More

September 01, 2015

River of January

Once upon a time I had career as a singer/song writer in mind. But the pressure I put on myself and the cut-throat attitudes in the music industry proved to be too much stress. I decided singing for myself and small audiences that were interested was way better for my stress levels. :) Also the Read More