December 27, 2016

Journey with the Light

By Tamara Laporte  |   in art workshops  | Tags: art with stars , life book 2017 , mixed media art , whimsical art  

This is the first project we’ll do for Life Book 2017. I love it. It gives me hope and solace. 


The title of the class is: “Journey with the Light” but I’ve affectionally come to call the girl; “Star Girl”. :) Stars speak to me, I love them a lot as most of you know. They appear in pretty much all of my work. 


See the little basket by her side? In it are stars onto which we will write all we want to call in more of in the new year, the basket is a 3D basket in that it lifts up somewhat to put things into (like an accordion pocket). 




These projects are always really meaningful to me. All the messages and symbols help me focus, set intentions, become more aware and mindful, slow down, unfurl, grow, develop and express myself creatively. It’s an act of pure kindness, listening and compassion towards myself.

I do this sort of art work, become softer towards myself, create more self awareness and connection and consequently I can be stronger and more available to others who need me. See by helping myself, by centring myself, I can be ‘better’ for the world. And that’s all I want: to have a better world. To have less suffering, to have a world with more compassion, love, connection and understanding. But to do that, I need to start with me. Can’t do it with me? Can’t do it with others.

And this is the deepest motivation of my work. :)


It can also just be about making pretty art of course, it isn’t only deep and meaningful. haha! :) But yes, a lot of what I do is to alleviate suffering, my own and the world’s.

Anyway, thought I’d share this with you guys.

Big hugs and hope to see you on Life Book. Join here