March 09, 2018

New Class – Turn a Little into a LOT! :)

By Tamara Laporte  |   in art workshops  | Tags: limited supplies , art classes , art journalling  

Hey everyone! Exciting news, I’ve just published a new mini class:
Turn a Little into a LOT!

Here is some more info about it:

‘Turn a little into a LOT’ is a lesson with me, Tamara Laporte in which I show you how you can create a beautiful journal page with 8 supplies only! Whaaaat? Surely, it’s not possible?! But yes yes it is! :) You can create wonderful, beautiful, magical things with only a few supplies.

When is it useful to create with limited supplies?

Those of you who know me, know that I LOVE hoarding art supplies and have lots of art supplies available to create intricate and layered art pieces. However, it can be so liberating and fun to be able to make art with very few supplies. It can also really challenge you to make-do with what you have on hand which pushes you out of your comfort zone right into developing your style and growing as an artist! Hurrah!

I love using the techniques in this lesson when:

  • I am on holiday and can’t bring my entire art studio with me, haha
  • I am on the couch in my house while all my art supplies are in the studio (couch art)
  • I want to challenge myself and grow creatively
  • I am travelling (on planes/ trains/ busses)
  • For whatever other reason can only bring a few art supplies with me

So yes, I made this pretty face in my journal with 8 supplies only! I’d love to show you how I did it! Come and learn how you too can create a beautiful face with very very few supplies needed!

So cheap: £9.75 only!
I hope to see you there!

These are the 2 projects we’ll do (though the lesson with the duck is a timelapsed bonus):

I hope to see you there!