March 19, 2018

You are doing the best you can. <3 Love note #16

By Tamara Laporte  |   in love notes  | Tags: love notes , guides for self love , willowing  

♥ Willowing Love Notes to Inspire Self Love & Self Care ♥

Hello sweet friends,

It’s been a while since I sent you a love note. This is because I’ve been battling a particularly nasty flu and some pretty intense emotional challenges over the past 2 to 3 weeks. I can finally feel myself stabilising both physically and emotionally now but it’s been rough. I described it the other day as having been ‘bashed about in a tumble dryer’, one thing after the next came in and knocked me over.

Though I have done a lot of work on self love, self compassion and self care in my life, I noticed how a particularly strong & fairly vicious self judgement voice popped up during the emotional turmoil phase. And I kind of got sucked into it! It was an odd kind of scenario, as if 2 people inhabited me and were in argument with each other. One, the kind, sensible, considerate, compassionate type. The other the, well, let’s just say ‘self-annihilating’ type. She pulled me under that second one. I got lost there for while.

Coming out on the other side through talking with close friends, family and through becoming ‘still’ and finding my compassionate centre again, I came back with one message:

“Be gentle with yourself,
you’re doing the best you can.”

This simple yet powerful message is so important. We have been taught judgement and self judgement in our lives as a way to improve ourselves, but it is my firm belief that judgement, shaming and blaming does not help us grow and transform. Judgement creates so much fear and rigidity, stress and darkness, it does not serve us or the greater good.

Gentle compassion, understanding and kindness even in the face of ‘mistakes/ flaws and problems’ allows for a more open, loving and accepting space to grow, transform and learn.

So this is my little love note and special message for you today:

Even in the face of turmoil, having messed things up, being in misunderstanding, having made mistakes: be gentle, be kind, be compassionate towards yourself and others. <3

And of course:

You are loved my friend
You matter, my friend
You are needed, my friend
You are so important, my friend.

And in case you missed the last love note, here a printable poster for you!

I made a printable poster for you that you can print out and hang up to remind you how to practise self love:

Download the high resolution version of this poster here. You can print out for personal use. Feel free to forward to friends. <3 Download it by right-clicking on the image above and choose ‘save target as’ or download from this link:

Much love,
Tam x

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The Willowing Love Notes Series aims to send you a love note every 1 – 2 weeks.
Its mission is to support you on your self love and self care journey.
I hope you enjoy it. <3

From my heart to yours:
you are truly loved.

Big hugs!