April 16, 2018

Simple Steps to Self Empathy <3 Love note #17

By Tamara Laporte  |   in love notes  | Tags: steps to self empathy , love notes , willowing  

♥ Willowing Love Notes to Inspire Self Love & Self Care ♥

Hello sweet friends,

I hope you know how much you matter. How important you are. That I know how much you can sometimes struggle and try your hardest, your bestest to ‘do it right’. I see you. I hear you. I understand.

Today, I wanted to share some Simple Self Empathy Steps with you that I hope might help you when you feel upset, overwhelmed or stressed.

In times of upset, we often try to ‘push through’ and ‘get on with our lives’ instead of paying attention to what our body is trying to tell us. Feelings need your attention and love. Unmet needs, need your attention and love.

It’s absolutely important, if not imperative, to make space and time for feeling/ hearing/ understanding your feelings and needs and be with them, if only for a moment, in a compassionate, empathic way.

Bonus: when you actually pay attention to your feelings, even the negative ones (especially the negative ones!) they dissipate more quickly! An interesting paradox for sure. Pushing them down keeps them firmly sitting stubbornly inside your body waiting to be heard!

So, ready? Here are some simple steps you can take when you’re feeling stressed, upset or overwhelmed. Hope it helps you. I have a high res version of this poster too, you can print it out and hang up to remind you of the steps if you want to.

When you look for feelings, look for ‘sensations’ & ‘feelings’ in the body, they are different from thoughts (though it’s fine to notice those too!) Sensations could be: tingling/ heaviness/ emptiness/ tired. Feelings could be: sad/ scared/ frustrated/ worried/ weary/ panicked/ angry etc. (Check out a comprehensive feelings list here).

When looking for needs, go deeper and look for needs that are essential to life such as: to be understood, love, connection, belonging, for your intention to be seen, respect, care, consideration, rest, freedom, play, beauty, spaciousness, etc. (Check out a comprehensive needs list here).

Download the high resolution version of this poster here. You can print out for personal use. Feel free to forward to friends. <3

Much love,
Tam x

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The Willowing Love Notes Series aims to send you a love note every 1 – 2 weeks.
Its mission is to support you on your self love and self care journey.
I hope you enjoy it. <3

From my heart to yours:
you are truly loved.

Big hugs!