May 15, 2018

Winners Ever After 2018 Give Away and Registration now Open! :)

By Tamara Laporte  |   in art workshops  | Tags: mixed media art course , ever after 2017 , fairy tale art , mixed media  

Hello Magical Friends!! I’m totally ‘fairy-taled up’!! I’m currently eating, sleeping and breathing fairy tales, haha! :) Totally over excited teehee!! I love dressing up as magical characters, even though the other day an mean voice in my head told me: “Aren’t you a bit too old for this princessy stuff now? You’re 42”. I hushed it and continued sparkling! ;) 

Anyhoo, you may already have noticed, but ABACADABRA, EVER AFTER IS NOW OPEN FOR REGISTRATION!! :) SIGN UP HERE, MAKE SURE TO USE MAGIC2018 TO GET 20% OFF BEFORE JULY 5th. I shall stop shouting now! ;) 

We also have a few winners of the give-aways!! Not all winners have been chosen by all the teachers yet, but I’ll update this blog post as we go throughout the week, we should have all winners by end of the week! :) 

BTW, look at this pretty Belle (from Beauty and the Beast)!! She’ll be included as a bonus time lapse on the course!! I love her so much! 

Okay, here is the list of winners!! Congratulations everyone who won!!
We will contact you on the email address you left or on your FB page! :D

If you didn’t win, I’m sorry, don’t be sad, wish I could give a free place to everyone! Please contact us for a payment plan ( or be sure to use the 20% off discount code MAGIC2018. Big hugs!

Tam’s Blog Hop Winners of 1 spot on EA2018 with Style Development: 

* Briah Bat Aryeh*

*Debbie Bell*

*Ellie Todd*

Winners from the Live FB session:

*Michelle Christopher*

*Allurynn Daugherty*

*Zoe French*

Winners from the Blog Hop:

Marielle Stolp Blog Hop Winner: 

*Sonya Badgley*

Lucy Chen Blog Hop Winner:

*Patricia with email*

Ady Almanza Blog Hop Winner: 

*Laura Reading*

Andrea Gomoll Blog Hop Winner:  

*Tanja van den Broek-Sandmann*

Regina Lord Blog Hop Winner: 

*Jeanne Elliott*

Effy Wild Blog Hop Winner:  

*Crystal with email*

Cristin Stevenson Blog Hop Winner:  

*Chantelle Venter*

Micki Wilde Blog Hop Winner:   

*Ronda Conley*

Kara Bullock Blog Hop Winner:  

*Mavi with email*

Renata Loree Blog Hop Winner:  

*Debbie Riddle*

Lindsay Weirich Blog Hop Winner:  

*Penny with email*

Katrina Koltes Blog Hop Winner:  

*Linda Flopsy Maher*

Tiare Smith Blog Hop Winner:  

*Carolien Klapwijk*

Danielle Donaldson Blog Hop Winner:  

*Kim Pheby*

Come and join us too! :)