August 23, 2018

Rainbow Unicorn Give Away #3 – Yay!

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Creative friends, I’m beyond excited to kick off the August, awesomely exciting & fabulously sparkly:

Rainbow Unicorn Give Away!

Over here at Willowing Arts we love connecting our beautiful audience of mixed media and personal development enthusiasts (YOUOUOU!) with inspiring businesses, people, services and products! What better way to do this by organising some super fun GIVE AWAYS!! :D

Please check out all the wonderful people below, I am sure you will love their products, shops, sites, classes and services! And then leave a comment below for a chance to win one of the 15 prizes! Also be sure to check out the discount codes & additional freebies that some of our sponsors are sharing with Willowing Readers Only! :D

This give away will run for one week only until: 29th August 2018

This Give Away is now Closed!

Winners of all prizes are:
  1. Cat Caracelo – Free Moon Mapping eCourse – won by Melissa Hartman
  2. Cat Caracelo – 1:1 coaching session – won by Jill Crossfield
  3. Alena Hennessy – 1 space on A Year of Painting – won by Shelly Hoeft
  4. Katrina Koltes – 1 place on Watercolor dreams – won by Kathy Miller-Faaborg
  5. Kristina Solheim – 1 x 3-Month Business Coaching package – won by Heidi Johnson
  6. A set of 5 random postcards from Tamara Laporte – won by Anneke Wezeman
  7. A set of 10 random postcards from Tamara Laporte – won by Jen Korner
  8. One of Tamara Laporte’s inspiring notebooks – won by Debbie Luscombe
  9. One of Tamara Laporte’s inspiring notebooks – won by Gaylene Garney Davis
  10. One of Tamara Laporte’s inspiring notebooks – won by Kellie Neal
  11. A spot on Ever After 2018 – won by Donna Noble
  12. A signed copy of Tamara Laporte’s book – won by Laura Reading
  13. A spot on She Blooms in Inks!– won by Heidi Young

All winners and Give Away sponsors will be emailed in due course:)

Cat Caracelo + JourneyPath Institute

A Gift for You! Mythic Listening + Ancestral Healing is a powerful creative eCourse offered as a special Unicorn Gift! Deepen your art as process and explore new edges of the inner realm as you expand your soulful work in the world! Lucky Unicorns will win: Moon Mapping eCourse: Working with Phases, Ages and Stages of Life and a 1:1 coaching session. Cat Caracelo is an artist, guidess, depth coach and the founder of JourneyPath Institute, offering personal and professional programs that blend expressive art, transformative process and depth work to support healing and wholeness. Cat is Giving Away some wonderful prizes today! You can have a chance at winning  the following places, by entering a comment below: 1st prize: Free Moon Mapping eCourse: Working with Phases, Ages and Stages of Life; 2nd prize: 1:1 coaching session – Special Offer: All Willowing customers are offered a free place on eCourse Mythic Listening + Ancestral Healing – Get your Mythic Listening eCourse HERE

Alena Hennessy: Art Becomes You


Early bird registration is now open for my most popular class: A Year of Painting! This year I’ve listened to your wishes to create brand new lessons with (recorded) live talks and some special gifts! All levels of painting experience welcome. Every month, I will post a new lesson + technique related to intuitive painting (ink, acrylic watercolor, collage, mixed media and so forth). Stay inspired throughout the seasons, keep in contact with an awesome worldwide community, and learn new ways of seeing and expressing yourself in intuitive processes that explore a wide range of subject matter. Shop facebook | blog | instagram. Other online classes found hereAlena is Giving Away 1 space on A Year of Painting to one lucky winner. All Willowing readers will receive an amazing 25% off the early bird savings: Use code paintforever. This tier tends to sell out quickly.

Katrina Koltes with Watercolor dreams

I’m an intuitive, nature-loving artist, mom and teacher who paints my visions, dreams, and journeys. I love to inspire and help others connect with their own intuition and magic through art. I’m offering 50% off my most popular class Watercolor Dreams! Explore with me how to create beautiful, luminous skin tones and dreamy, soulful portraits, while adding both surreal and nature-related elements to make expressive story art. This class is for whoever wants to loosen up and get familiar with your watercolors, and explore tons of new techniques, and gather loads of inspiration to set your imagination running wild! Check out my brand new pastel class “Whispers of Nature” (now 20% off regular price); my FREE TUTORIALS; and my other workshops. Follow me on Facebook  &  Instagram. Katrina is Giving Away 1 place on Watercolor dreams. All Willowing readers will receive 50% off her most popular class Watercolor Dreams! To get discount click here (offer valid for 2 weeks, till September 6th)

Ever After 2018 – Fairytale & Style Development Art Course

“Ever After” is a mixed media art & style development course with a fairytale theme hosted by Tamara Laporte from Willowing Arts. Tam is joined by 14 popular mixed media art teachers who will all share beautiful fairy-tale inspired lessons with you AND, in the style development segment of the course; they will also divulge all their hints and tips on how they developed their own style and how YOU TOO can find your own unique voice as an artist! :) Yay! Tam is giving away 1 spot on Ever After 2018 for this give away, yay! :)

Kristina Solheim, Get to the Art

Ever wish for a magic wand to get your art business to the next level? There is a wealth of information out there about business, but the magic wand you need is a business coach! A coach guides and supports you at any stage of business. Explore coaching options here. Kristina is gifting 1 lucky artist a 3-Month Business Coaching package (value $1500)



A signed Copy of Tam’s Book

Based on much-loved mixed-media artist Tamara Laporte’s popular, multi-year series of online classes, Create Your Life Book offers mixed-media drawing and painting projects that can raise your awareness of and help you work through personal challenges and other obstacles to creating art and achieving self-fulfillment. Tam is giving away 1 signed copy of her book today!  


Random Postcards by Tam!

Tam is giving away 1 set of 5 random postcards and 1 set of 10 random postcards for 2 lucky winners! :) Tam’s postcards are beautifully vibrant and high quality! They are wonderful little pieces of art you can send to friends or hang up around the house!





Free Place on She Blooms in Inks

Tam is giving away 1 place on She Blooms in Inks!

Become inspired and creatively enriched on this new 7 week course in which I will show you how I create my signature ‘Flower Ink Girls’ that many people have so come to love! We will work with a variety of (mostly) inks, ink based supplies and other fluidy inky type supplies like Golden High Flow, Acrylics Inks, Watercolour Crayons and Spray Inks.


Inspiring Notebooks with Tam’s Art

Tam is giving away 3 of her inspiring notebooks! They measure approx 6″ x 8′ (15cm x 2cm) and have a full colour reproduction on the front cover of my artwork in a beautiful satin finish. They come with 48 white lined pages and are made of recycled paper.

Great little notebook that will fit in your bag and come with you whereever you go. ♥ Good for jotting down ideas and sketches for your journalling, scrap booking and/or planner! :)




Do you want to sponsor
the next Unicorn Give Away? You can!

These are by far the most fun sponsorship opportunities as well as very effective as give aways create excitement and drive extra traffic to the blog and therefore they also drive extra traffic to your sponsored give-away! :)

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If you want to reach thousands of art and wellness enthusiasts through my newsletter, social media sites and website, this opportunity is for you! :)

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The Rainbow Unicorn Give Away will also be advertised on my social media sites (23,000 Facebook Biz Page/ 12,000 Personal FB page/ 16,500 instagram/ 9500 FB group members).

Thank you! <3