September 02, 2018

Symbolism & Moon Energy

By Tamara Laporte  |   in mixed media  | Tags: moon energy , symbolism , Willowing Arts  


Do you notice certain symbols suddenly popping up in your life and your art? I always think it’s a good idea to pay attention when they do. For me, it’s been the moon. The moon hasn’t previously played a big role in my life or my art, but lately, messages, insights, revelations connected to ‘the moon’ kept appearing. In my art too, I suddenly found myself adding the moon (or moons, even) everywhere. So I’ve been listening! The moon has things to tell me, it seems. :)

This is one of my latest paintings with ‘moon’ energy:

This painting is all about transforming limiting beliefs into liberating ones (a lesson for Life Book 2018 next week). The 3 things that are needed for me to transform these beliefs are: wisdom (the owl), compassion (the bear), mindfulness/ awareness (represented by the moon and crescent moons). The moon, also, requires us to look at shadow, but shine a light on it with compassion and wisdom.

I love working with symbolism in my work, it’s often a way for me to access parts of myself I can’t access in more conventional ways. :) Do you use symbols in life and work? I’d love to hear about it!

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And, very soon we are also going to start telling you ALL about the new Life Book 2019 (eeeee!) which will kick off with a very new and exciting thing!! :D

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Have a wonderful rest of the month with lots of blessings and art making fun time!

Tam x
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Here are some more close ups of the new painting: