September 19, 2018

September Spotlight with Cat Caracelo

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Hello Creative Friends!

Once in a while we like shining a bright shiny spotlight on some amazing people out there who do amazing things!! For our very first spotlight we’d like to introduce you to artist, guidess and depth coach: Cat Caracelo!

I love the work that Cat does with people, she dives deeply into the soul work that some people need so very much! I love how she links creativity and wellbeing and how authentic and vulnerable she is! All in all a wonderful person to work with! I recommend you read her info below, learn more about her and then decide to join one of her courses! Oh, as part of this spotlight feature she is giving away 1 spot on her year long “mythos journey’ course (valued at $999). To enter this give away please leave a comment below.

Please check out the rest of her info, I am sure you will love her products, site and courses! Also be sure to check out the discount codes & additional freebies that she is sharing with Willowing Readers Only! Love, Tam oxox

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Winner of Cat’s prize is:

A place on QuestPath: Sacred Wheel +
Year of Mythos Journey  – won by Chlayne Fellows

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I am Cat Caracelo, an artist, guidess and depth coach. I live and create art and life in California, just north of San Francisco. I live with my two naughty dogs and with my sweet and sassy second husband who returned to me eight years ago in a fairytale rekindled romance. We got married on Winter Solstice, under a Full Moon, thirty years after we first dated! I am a Mama to three, a Mimi to three grand girls and I am very honored to travel with amazing women and artists of life in my creative tribes and circles.

I love working with paint, mixed media, collage and also regularly explore altar building, assemblage and mask work, especially when art as ritual, visual storytelling and embodied remembering wants to take a different form. Fifteen years ago, I dove deep into a life changing process of art and healing. It was simple creative ways, fingers to paint, choosing color, scratching the surface and moving energy as I discovered an image reflecting something I knew back to me.

I worked with intuitive and intentional ways of knowing, connecting one moment to the next as I created and gathered clues. It was through that experience that I was able to trust, envision and create a whole new life, but it was a risk to enter into the unknown; fear dancing with courage became my guide.

After a prolonged time of getting lost in my life, putting others first and forgetting who I was, I found myself in a deep questioning place. As I begin to awaken, I wrote a letter to my then husband, using mythopoetic story-form, “I was gypsy who had married young and due to all of the circumstances that swirled around her life like a never-ending storm, she buried her jewels before they were set and worn.”

I was unfolding a story to tell him what I could not say out loud. But as I told my tale I realized that her story, my story, this truth was a new way of expressing, voicing, unleashing the inner creative who had been muted. I imaged that girl and began to travel along a deeper path. These words, written during a sad and desperate time, opened the wild that had been buried, the true self hiding underneath a life that was no longer aligned or mine.

It was a hard marriage, raising kids had brought me to the edge of my energy, my parents were aging and I had not found my work in the world, but the crash came with an injury that stopped me in my tracks. Pain, time, recovery after a long awaited spine surgery offered the transition, or maybe it was the threshold. I chose myself and embarked on a journey, a mythic quest to find my way back to the center of my life.

The journey itself led me back to art, along with many other approaches. It was transformative process and the energy generated in expressive art that allowed me to begin to fully experience my inner landscape, a place where I found that symbols, stories, parts and archetypes were guiding me. I discovered something I had not known before in this “finding time” – that I could tell my stories in image and the art itself was activating insight. Emotions began to move and quite literally that moving energy became an agent of change in unexpected ways. It was the inner journey that compelled me to deepen my understanding of the power of art as healing, exploring shamanic dreaming and guided process, I discovered my voice, purpose and path.

It is art as the language of the soul, a secret way of traveling one’s path into the unknown, that intrigues me most. When I was beginning this journey, I found myself working with the paradoxes, complexities and shadow material of my own life. As I explored my life stories, unraveling experiences through the multifaceted lens of the psyche, I discovered that I was mapping my inner landscape. It was this nonlinear approach to journey work that delighted me, and I recognized that my art-making could help me to travel past the stuck stories and write new ones. As I created and learned new ways of seeing, feeling and being, I fell in love with blended process. It was here where I could combine visual storytelling, shadow work, myth work, shamanic journey techniques and Jungian depth work to support transformation. When I started to teach this process, it became even more rich.

For the last 12 years I have offered Mythos Journey and depth work through online classes and global community circles, such as QuestPath and Wild Essence. I love to create safe space to dive deep and enhance the journey with individual coaching, conscious life design and goddess retreats. This work is both healing and enriching, a potent way to translate creative insights into living energies. Five years ago, I created a brand new space for experiential learning and discovery called JourneyPath® Institute. This is where I offer personal journey work and professional training programs including Creative Depth Coach Certification and JourneyCircles™ Facilitator Training.

What I love most about creating in this way, with depth and delight, vision and mystery, is the power of remembering that happens as we create. I am honored to guide process for others. I am always inspired to see what the journey brings, the sacred way we can remember, re-story and redefine who we have been, who we are and who we are becoming, through art-making and life-making.

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Cat Caracelo Giveaway!

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