Hi there creative friend and carer for our earth! 

I’m guessing you’re here to buy the Art for Earth package.

Thank you so much for your interest but sadly, we have just finished selling this package (it was only on sale for 7 days). I am so sorry you missed out on it this time.

We will likely run this package sale again in about 6 months time. If you email us on [email protected] we can put you on our mailing list or click here to join our newsletter.

To ease your disappointment, do consider joining  the site here, once you do; you get a free class automatically added to your account yay! You’ll learn how to create a beautiful painting of Goddess Athena! ————–>

Please also consider joining treesisters.org who are the amazing organisation we fundraised in aid of. You can donate monthly to them and support the great work they do.

A big thank you goes out to ALL the amazing artists that contributed to the Art for Earth Package, please consider visiting their sites and buying any of their courses/ products. This way you continue to support artists and their livelihood, thank you for supporting the arts!

Thank you for being here and see you next time!!

Much love
Tam & Team & The Art for Earth Contributors