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February 16, 2009

tamdy love

♥ andy & tam ♥ 4 years – the most amazing 4 years of my life –

February 10, 2009

blueberry muffin soup

hi guysies. i love you. i’m a bit behind in responding to comments/ emails and reading people’s journals, bear with me, i will get to it! :) i had some trubbles with my latest youtube vid recently, it just wouldn’t compile last night, i was up until 2am. then when i did finally upload to Read More

February 06, 2009

butterflies and basketballs

ok, i need more trumpet music in my life. i ♥ the beginning of ‘everybody wants to be a cat’ by disney (so sue me). i’m enjoying twitter more and more, do add me if you’re there i’m here; New art art ART art ARTART crazy mania. while i’ve been at home (no more Read More

January 31, 2009

friends in the snow.

i got snow on the brain. :-) x friends in the snow prints of this piece for sale here inspired by stephen mackey

January 26, 2009

huge art post! it’s been a while.

*** Now, l’art. I’ve finally had a chance to upload everything over the weekend and semi-update my website. Sooooo. 1. New puppets there are two empathy monsters there who have huge ears to listen to you when you want to talk and also, they’ll zip up their own mouths when you want to talk so Read More

January 12, 2009

course promo

here’s the little promo for my online art classes! xox oh oh and a new piece of art! spring goddess:

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