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September 12, 2013

Life Book 2014 – Blog Hop Give Away!

Hello oh beautimous groovy artsy amigos of mine! You know I appreciate you guys deeply right? I so very much love being part of this awesome creative community, it fills me with joy and yayness every day to know that so many of you/ us are  sharing our art and our light in this world. Read More

September 10, 2013

Announcing the Life Book 2014 Teacher Team! <3

Eeeeeeh!! After weeks of diligent work I am excited, overjoyed, humbled, privileged and so crazy happy to announce the Life Book 2014 Teacher Team! They are such a wonderfully talented group of people bringing creativity and light into the world. I am truly honoured to bring them all together for you guys in 2014! Hem Read More

February 12, 2013

Art Doodle Love – it’s so awesome!

Hello groovy art gang! :) The awesome Dawn Devries Sokol has a new book out called ‘Art Doodle Love’. It’s a wonderful book which is created to inspire and encourage you to create! It’s filled with colourful pages and inspiring prompts. You can make art and doodle on all the pages. I’m completely in love Read More

December 30, 2012

Elephant Girls & the Crazy that is My Life.

  Oh hello there world, it’s Tam here checking in rising from the depths of chaos that is a childcare-less holiday life in which sign ups for Life Book are EXPLODING, emails are backing up, I am super sleep deprived and crabby (at times) yet want to fall to my knees daily in deep gratitude Read More

December 09, 2012

Animal Friends and more. :)

Hello blog o’ mine. I’m sorry for neglecting you, but my two babies have been sick for the past 2 weeks and work has gone crazy and I find myself with so much to say/ do and so little time. So Imma gonna bullet point my face off here, just to keep you a bit Read More

November 14, 2012

Life, Art and Rock and Roll, sort of.

DUUUUUDES. Mad week, totally mad. Some of you may know (if you subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on FB) that have decided to delete my account with them! ALL my class videos are/ were hosted by them, so it meant that out of the blue all my class videos were gone! And Read More

October 30, 2012

An afternoon painting with Dylan

Hello. Our household is riddled with illness at the moment (diarrhoea, nausea, sickness, eugh, it’s so annoying how often they pick up bugs, anyhoo). No childcare, so hardly any time to work. Sneaking in bits of work and blog time while babies asleep! :) On Sunday, Dylan painted. I took pictures. :0) (Photography used to Read More

September 21, 2012

Cranky & New Art <3

Ah man, my head is spinning. You know when you seriously need to take a break and just chill a little when even ‘someone’s sneezing style’ irritates you. LOL. I’m so crabby and I don’t like it! Particularly because I have no good reason to be crabby (apart from the monster that keeps me awake Read More

September 12, 2012

Announcing the Life Book 2013 Teacher Team!

  Aaaaah! I’m SO excited you guys! I have diligently been working on Life Book 2013 prep and am now ready to announce the teacher line up! SOOO excited. They are talented, they are awesome, they are creative, they are juicy! They are: the Life Book 2013 Teacher Team! :) Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! :D I’m Read More

June 15, 2012

Life Book and how it changes people’s lives

When I conceived the idea of Life Book I knew it would be amazing, life altering, transforming and super good fun. And when I receive messages from Life Book members who confirm this, it’s brilliant and heartwarming and makes me want to do handstands and rolliepollies! :D Here is one such message from Steven (shared Read More

June 01, 2012

Is that so?

Yesterday was a day of learning zen lessons. This zen story really helped me be ok yesterday after some really tough stuff: Is That So? The Zen master Hakuin was praised by his neighbors as one living a pure life. A beautiful Japanese girl whose parents owned a food store lived near him. Suddenly, without Read More