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May 02, 2012

29 Faces & Teh Crazy

❤ Woozah! Here is a LOVE BOMB for ya! :) ❤  Ok, it’s mental here and therefore I’ve decided to take part in the 29 Faces Challenge. This because apparently I’m insane and enjoy high blood pressure. Ok, the truth is: I am jealous! Jealous of all those people who have the time and freedom Read More

February 17, 2012

Self-connection through art.

  New work in progress.   I have no art journal at the moment. The one I created on Rhomany’s course a while ago is full up and I’ve got a pile of new beautiful papers lying here waiting to be bound into a new journal, but I can’t find the time to bind them Read More

February 09, 2012


 Detail from a Life Book page I did today  So, since I last wrote, things are a bit more in control and balanced around here. We’ve found some kind of groove. I have the most amazing support from my friend Beatrice and me and Dylan have a new thing going at night (he’s basically sleeping Read More

January 19, 2012

My Dream Board for 2012

  This year, I hope to do as many Life Book guest teacher’s lessons as possible, so that my Life Book will be big and fat and pretty at the end of the year. So this weekend I convinced Andy to take Elliot for an hour or 2 and made a Dream Board (also known Read More

August 31, 2011

Life Book – more info and payment plans

Hi guys! I’ve had such an amazing response to introducing Life Book already! I’m so pleased to hear that many of you are SO excited about it! :) (As am I)!! :-) I just want to clear a few bits up, particularly about payment plans about which I received a lot of questions. Before I Read More

August 25, 2011


So yesterday was a sort of weepy, shaky, pregnancy hormone filled kind of day. The kind of day where small things make you cry and you have a generally fearful feeling in the pit of your stomach. Know what I mean? And big things, well, they did more than make me cry. Sometimes, I fill Read More