Dive Deeply Into Art, Colour, Worldly Wonders & The Human Spirit!

Join the Kaleidoscope Taster Week with Free Classes & Give Aways!

Join The Kaleidoscope 2024 Taster Week! Yay!!

The Kaleidoscope Taster Week will begin on 17th June 2024 and will run in a dedicated Facebook Group as well as on www.willowing.org. The main course Kaleidoscope will start on August 1st and will run on the main website at willowing.org. 

Dive into colour and grow with us!

  • Join 16+ inspiring creative taster sessions.

  • Learn from 16 amazing artists and experts.

  • Get to know the Kaleidoscope Teachers!

  • Enter the giveaways to win a spot on this course.

  • Receive Free collage sheets to print out!

  • Hang out with like minded creative people!

  • Work from the comfort of your home.

  • Have lots of creative fun!

Meet Our Amazing Kaleidoscope Teachers!

Get ready to enjoy some incredible classes from our artists and experts during the Kaleidoscope Taster Week.

Kaleidoscope, the course, will begin on August 1st, registration opens on June 17th, however you can pre-order it now if you want to! yay! 😊

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Learn from 16 amazing artists, spend 4 months creating art, learning about colour &
colour theory and explore the beauty of the world & the human spirit!