Life Book 2024 is about you, your happiness and expanding your creative horizons!

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Join us for 2 weeks of completely FREE art sessions! Come join me and 25+ other amazing artists for 2 weeks of wonderful creative immersion.

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The Life Book Taster Sessions will begin on 25th of September and will run until 8th October 2023.
The main Life Book course will start on January 1st 2024. 

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  • Receive free classes & gifts from 25+ artists!
  • Learn how to create some beautiful art works.
  • Get to know the Life Book teachers.
  • Enter daily Giveaways to win a free place on Life Book 2024.
  • Hang out with like minded creative people!
  • Focus on YOU and your wellbeing.
  • Work from the comfort of your home.
  • Relax, express yourself and have some fun!

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Life Book 2024, the full course, will begin on January 1st,
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Learn from 25+ amazing artists, spend a whole year with us, creating art, and learning how to grow, love and appreciate yourself!

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