Hi there creative friend!

Thanks for checking out The Life Book Taster Sessions!

This event has now finished and it was a great success!

If you missed experiencing it live and if you want to have life long access to all the Taster Session Classes PLUS over 80+ mixed media classes of Life Book class content, please consider joining us for Life Book 2021, it’s only £115 (approx $149 USD) for the entire year long course (that turns out to be about $1.8 USD per lesson, WHAT!?)

On Life Book 2021 you will spend a whole year with 30 amazing artists, making art and improving your wellbeing.

I look forward to seeing you there! :)


Find out more and
sign up by clicking here. 

Are you already signed up to Life Book 2021 and looking for the Taster Week content? 

 If you have already signed up to Life Book 2021 and you are looking for the Free Taster content, please go here: www.willowing.org, log in, click on ‘my account’ (top right hand corner), select your Life Book course and you’ll find the content listed within the course welcome page :)

Watch the Life book 2021 trailer video here: