Art for Earth Bundle Contributor Agreement

Thank you for contributing to the this Art for Earth Bundle! We so appreciate your support! <3


Please take a moment to read through all the points below to make sure everything is clear about how the Art for Earth Bundle works. We want to avoid any misunderstandings about how this project works so pls make sure you read and understand the terms below. These are all the key terms that you agree to when you provide your products. If anything is unclear please let us know on ([email protected]), we are super happy to answer your questions! :)


Please upload the information about your products below or provide the course links directly on this form. If you have any problems with this form it’s also ok to email us the details of the product(s) you’re contributing on [email protected]

As a contributor to the Willowing Arts ‘Art for Earth Project’, you agree to all the following terms.
  1. You will contribute your product at no cost to the Willowing Arts ‘Art for Earth Bundle’ sale.
  2. You keep the rights to your products, but Willowing Arts can sell your products as part of this bundled sale.
  3. Products or courses that require a coupon code with an expiry date, will have at least a 1 year expiry after the initial sale of this bundle is completed.
  4. You agree to keep your coupon codes valid for that 1 year period so purchasers of the bundle can sign-up or access the product you contributed.
  5. Once ‘Art for Earth Bundle’ purchasers have registered for your products, you agree to provide reasonable “life long” access to the product.
  6. As an affiliate, you can sell the bundle and earn 60% affiliate commissions on all you sell yourself. You will not earn any commissions or fees for what others sell.
  7. You agree to promote the bundle to your audience while the sale runs.
  8. Affiliate commissions go to the last referrer, not the first.
  9. Affiliate commissions will be paid just after the 30-day refund period. Any refunds attributed to your affiliate referrals will be deducted from the amount owing to you.

Submissions for Art for Earth
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If you have trouble with this form or have any questions, please email Tam and Gracie on:

[email protected]