Welcome! :)

Welcome to Willowing Arts! :) This site has only just been launched, exciting right?! :)

 At this point some things might seem a little out of place or you may see some missing images here and there. Worry not, we are fixing it and working hard on getting the site into tip top shape for you to enjoy! :)

If you are a student on one of Tam’s courses, please access your content through the ning site for now. Very soon we’ll let you know how to access your course content on this brand new site! :)

If you are confused or need any support, please contact the Willowing Unicorn Team on willowing.arts@gmail.com

Love, Maddie, Gracie & Tam


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Hello and welcome!

I’m so HAPPY that you’ve decided to come and visit my site! :0) I hope you find what you’re looking for here! I offer online art classes, art for sale and you can find my in-person workshop schedule here too! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me on willowing.arts@gmail.com – Big hugs!

Make Art, Feel Happy!

It’s my passion and belief that we can become happier people by exploring our deeper inner workings through the creative process. On this site I offer products that aim to serve those who want to develop both personally and creatively. Check out some of the current classes and products available: