Happy messages from my awesome students! :-) 

I’m so blessed, lucky and fortunate to have the privilege to teach so many beautiful souls from all around the world! And I’m overjoyed that I get so much amazing feedback from them! Here is what they’ve said about me and my classes. <3

Life Book is a fantastic way to grow your self, your knowledge of supplies and techniques and your confidence in creating art.  Being able to engage in the lessons any time that is convenient to you is liberating and actually invites you to weave art through your life rather than expecting you to turn up at, say, 2pm every Tuesday  You can choose to listen to the teachers every word and watch their every stroke, or you can just be inspired by the lessons and take your own path.  Life Book is what you make out of it, but it provides you with all the support, information and inspiration you need to make a wonderful year out of it. – Kath Young – Australia

Unbelievable, Life changing, jammed packed classes for any skill level. Wonderful teachers that explain and guide you to create in a loving environment. They even have a Facebook group just for you and your class mates to share and support one another. You will not be sorry, Tam is amazing and will have you relaxed and comfortable and all the teachers are as well. There is something in Life Book that is waiting for just you. – Denise Sorro-Butler – Tennessee, USA

Honestly, it is the best course I have taken in my life (seriously).  I have learned so much and it is helping to make my art evolve.  The teachers are wonderful.  If you would’ve shown me some of the pieces I did from this course a year ago,  I wouldn’t have believed I could have created them. This is the most amazing course EVER!  I am so glad I stumbled across the mention on Facebook. – Susan Romita – New York, USA

I have grown so much and learned so much about how my different art materials work. I’ve struggled and been astounded at things I’ve created. I’ve been blown away by some of my fellow classmates’ work, and I am determined not to compare my near-beginning to someone else’s middle! I’ve learned how to fix things if I mess up and I’m more confident in my work. And I had fun! I think you undervalue the course – it is worth far more than we pay for it. But I understand you want to keep it affordable for a larger number of people. And Tam, I love love love the little dance you do at the beginning of your videos! It makes me so happy. – Life Book is an amazing mixed media journey with a great variety of teachers, where you have a lesson each week and you learn more than you ever thought possible. It’s an amazing value for what you receive. You MUST do it! –  Kim DuPree 

Life Book is a weekly on line event that is like a party and a classroom. It teaches participants skills in self-care and emotional well-being that I, as a licensed professional counselor, could charge a tidy sum to teach! Combining this teaching with art is the kind of art therapy we taught in the residential program where I worked. Tam and her guest artists do this in lovely non-intrusive ways that are not overwhelming for any one who has not experienced it, but are satisfying for those of us who have. Further, where ever you place yourself on the continuum of skill as an artist, you will still grow and learn from this course. The classes with Tam are priceless, then she adds guests artists to bring in their unique perspectives. I look forward to find this in my email every week! I highly recommend it for all!! – Janet Howerton

I just love waking up on a Monday morning and then sitting at my PC going through my emails, waiting for the week’s lesson to come up. Of course, I love watching the lessons, and doing the work as well. Life Book is a unique experience. When I started I was really new to so much in the world of mixed media, but I have learnt so much and feel much more confident about sharing my work because of it. I’d highly recommend this course to anyone, however long they’ve been painting and journalling. Every week you have a whole new experience to dive into – I don’t want the year to ever end! – Fiona Jackson

It’s a course with huge heart which connects me to myself, my inner truth, my power and my wisdom – if you’re open to it the world of creativity is your oyster – it encourages and supports growth and self appreciation far beyond what I could have imagined when I started – it has given me so much and shown me that I can do it even when I think I can’t – I just cannot recommend it enough – plus it’s an absolute bargain, brimming with content and teachers, find the £75 it’s worth it beyond your wildest dreams. – Sharon Haines


Life Book continues to amaze me. I am feeling more grounded and able to express feelings. I am becoming less judgmental towards myself and more accepting. I look forward to each Life Book lesson. My art ability is improving and I am developing strong preferences for material that I use in my projects. I am a quilter and a knitter, but have not had an art background. It did not matter. I now consider myself an artist. Loved the art angel lesson at the beginning. I was very critical of my artistic endeavors, but my art angel is there to express kindness and acceptance of my art. Thanks again to all of you, especially Tam, for all the hard work and love you contribute to this course. – Cornelia Washington State, USA 

I want to share a really, really big and loving THANK YOU to Tamara Laporte for creating this course. ♥ ♥ ♥ My inner artist has been locked away in a box for almost 50 years. I have tried to break out of it now and then during the years but always ended up back in the box again. After having gone through the first parts of the course, I can see clearly how I ended up in that box in the first place. And now I understand why it’s been such a struggle to create something of my own all this time (copying others was never a problem, but I thought I needed permission to create something on my own!) Seriously this wonderful course has brought me the KEY to get out of the box and give myself permission to be an artist! – Anna Sporring

Tamara Laporte, thank you so very very much for this experience. Still working on the workbook at the moment. Really profound stuff is coming from this. Resonance, so much resonance. Taking stock of choices and desires and the constant seeking. I am starting to see the why of so many decisions I’ve made in art. The biggest revelation coming in my desire for conflicting duality. Because my childhood had resounding positives and negatives. There is a sense of the seen and unseen I am drawn to, a consistent searching to explore things and to show that they are not always what the appear at first glance. The soul work of this process is gratifying. Andy’s message about finding your true north is so liberating!! I feel like creative people already have a very strong sense of true direction. But for some reason the world at large tells us that everything else should be more important than soul, than art. Its been a day and I have already found that art is my bio-hazard suit to the pain in my life, both resolved and unresolved. The ability to use art as a safe way to explore and release, to cauterize and heal. It’s been a mostly unconscious thing until now. Now that it is armor and sunshine, it is protection and celebration. I’m overwhelmed.. and it’s been a day. After four months.. I am excited because the world is brimming with possibilities that I might not have been aware of till now. – Summer Pettus Weber

Signing up for Ever After 2016 is the best thing I’ve done to for my art, and myself. Thank you, Tam! Although I haven’t gotten to the first drawing yet, your own story, the meditation, and the questions (I am working through now) are sparking inspiration and opening my eyes to bits of my art I never “saw” until now. I am so grateful to the person who told me of Willowing, and to you for sharing your enlightening vision with all of us! <3 – Dawn Kramer

So excited about the new round of Ever After; last year’s Ever After has been my favorite art class I have taken! – Cheri Elder Innocenti

I took the first round of Ever After and it was literally the best course experience I’ve ever had online or off. My art has improved more since I started taking the course last July than in the entire rest of my life. If I am able to get my art career off the ground, I will owe a huge part of it to the Ever After course. Just wanted to put that out there. If anyone is on the fence. It’s the best thing. Ever. – Jaime Leigh

I loved this class. Not only was the work presented in an easy to understand set of PDFs and, more importantly, wonderfully made videos…but Tam, as instructor, comes across as a truly caring and nurturing person. I’ve never before taken an on-line class where I felt as if I was in the same room as the instructor…and that she really wanted her students to succeed and feel good about themselves. Thanks Tam, for a wonderful learning experience. – Irene Watts, Las Vegas, NV USA

A very well put together course, covering many aspects of portraiture in an easy to understand way, with a direct line to the instructor for tips, tricks, and helpful critiques. – Emily Earl, Chatsworth, CA”

The course was the reason why a stayed awake till 1pm… to watch the new video ;) – Nicole Walther, Germany

Fabulous Faces is a brilliant course, if you are interested in drawing and painting then you really should do this course. – Julie Stenning, Forest of Dean, UK

If you’ve never had ART training before but would like to try out to see if you can bring out that little artsy side of yourself, you’ll be amazed how far you can go with Willowing’s course. She runs this online Art workshops in a very safe and encouraging environment. She gives you extensive content full of information in her high quality videos and you get to network with students. She gives special attention to every single student in a caring manner. It’s really amazing and I highly recommend taking one of her workshop. – Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

One of my biggest handicaps with drawing the human body has always been faces, so I have always stayed away from faces. This course has given me the freedom to try, make mistakes and try again, to the point where I am now comfortable to draw faces. The teaching was comprehensive, and very easy to understand. This was also the next best thing to being in a classroom. Learning at my own pace meant no pressure, and feedback always encouraging. A very pleasurable course. – Kelly, Japan