What supplies do I need on your courses?

If you’re interested in my favourite supplies, read this blog post.

If you’re wondering what supplies you might need for the course you’d like to join, it very much depends on which course you purchase.

Each class will have a different supply list which you’ll be supplied with once you purchased the course.

Please Note

You will be introduced to a wide variety of materials/ supplies on my courses. You do not need to buy them all. If you’re joining a collaborative course like Life Book; Teachers each have their favourites and will demonstrate their supplies to you. It’s best to initially work with what you already have and use replacements for supplies that are overly expensive (eg: Golden Paints are beautiful and amazing, but very expensive, so you could start with a student grade acrylics starter pack for instance). Obviously you are totally welcome to buy the supplies used (goodness me I’m a total art supply junkie, so I understand the urge ha!) but I just want to stipulate that it’s not a requirement to need all the supplies that the teachers use. Many supplies used can be replaced with what you already have or substituted with similar supplies.

For Life Book, here is a tentative supply list.

For Life Book, If you are low on funds; we encourage people as much as possible to ‘make-do’ with what they have available and buy some supplies here and there, but overall you can replace and substitute what the teachers use with what you already have. If you wanted to buy the bare essentials or a kind of starter kit, I would buy: 

  • a pad of watercolour paper 140lbs (300gsm) 12 x 9″ hotpressed (approx £15)
  • a pencil to draw with (£3)
  • some neocolor II crayons, colours: 1. salmon 2. magenta 3. teal 4. orangish yellow (buy loose: 4 x £1.50 = £6) 
  • some flesh tone acrylics (daler rowney or other cheaper brand) (£6) 
  • 1 white posca pen/ 1 black posca pen (fine nibs) £6
  • some gel medium (impasto gel) £5 – £10 depending on size
  • some collage papers £5 – £10