At Willowing Arts  we work with a wonderful team of people! We are a team of four wonderful people. You can reach any of us on

Gracie Howle > Director of Creative Marketing

Gracie is Tam’s left hand, right hand and on many days her two feet as well! ;) She helps with the running of the entire business but has a particular focus on marketing and design. She is also a mum to 2 beautiful daughters, a fabulous singer and a unicorn-lover! She is awesome! :) Gracie can be contacted on or

Andy Mason > Co-Director

Andy is Tam’s wonderful husband and deals with all Finance and HR issues. He also looks after ning membership approval and dispatch of happy packages! :) He has refined the art of tea making and does so with gusto and joy for all members of staff. ;) He’s warm, loving and magical and you can contact him here: willowing.arts [AT]

Maddie Turner > Client Liaison & Project Manager

Maddie is our newest team member who is a huge support in all things office/ admin/ tea and empathy! :) She manages large projects like Life Book & Ever After, helps people with technical and sign up queries and she also looks after much of the financial admin of the business. Maddie has a kick-ass sense of humour, is enthusiastic and committed and is great at helping with video editing, packages preparation and making sure all Life Book lessons are in order before they go live. We are so happy to have her wonderful presence and support in this growing business of ours! :) You can contact her with queries, in the Willowing office, here: willowing.arts [AT]