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I offer online art classes, original art work, products with my art on it and blog articles! I can also be contacted for one-to-one business, creative or unblocking coaching (email: [email protected] for coaching info).

If you’re looking for online art classes and you are wondering where to start, you’ve come to the right page! First some general information about my classes:

I run short (mini classes) as well as longer in depth classes, some classes run ‘live’ and others are what we call: ‘self study courses’. Theme wise: my focus is on stylised/ layered/ whimsical and symbolic art, the materials I use are many. I don’t tend to focus on 1 type of medium only, hence I call myself a ‘mixed media artist’. I mix different art supplies in my work (oh so fun!)

Pretty much all my classes apart from Ever After are suitable for beginners. This because I demonstrate step by step how I create a piece of art or journal spread.

Below are some suggestions that can get you started on some of the most popular courses and the most popular themes, if you want to browse further (I have about 45 different courses available) you can search by theme or class type on this page.

The most popular themes are portraits & faces/ wellbeing, healing & art and whimsical/ quirky art. Below you’ll find some of the most relevant/ popular classes related to that theme that you may want to start with.

I run/ have run 3 major in depth classes that are most popular:

Life Bo



Portraits & Faces: She Blooms in Ink | Winter Soul Flakes | Ever After | Life Book






Art & Wellbeing: Life Book  | Life Book Tam Editions |







Whimsical & Quirky: Bookworm Girl  | Inner Child Love | The Little Mermaid




If you’re looking to buy some original art work or some products with my art on it, check out the Willowing Shop over here! :) You can sort the products by type of product too!

Finally, if you’re looking for one-to-one coaching on either business, creativity or creative block, please email me here: [email protected]

Thanks so much! Enjoy!

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