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She Blooms in Ink

Course skill level: Beginner & Intermediate

My newest and most anticipated class:
is now available to join! Yay! :)

This Class is now in ‘self study mode’
and can be joined any time! :) 

Watch the She Blooms Video :)

Become inspired and creatively enriched

on this new 7 week course in which I will show you how I create my signature ‘Flower Ink Girls’ that many people have so come to love! We will work with a variety of (mostly) inks, ink based supplies and other fluidy inky type supplies like Golden High Flow, Acrylics Inks, Watercolour Crayons and Spray Inks.

All lessons are demonstrated in an art journal. For each lesson I work on a double page spread and encourage students to allow their journals to be safe place for creative play and expression of feelings and experiences that are present in the body/ heart/ soul and mind in the moment of creation.

We will explore a variety of portrait styles, colour palettes, flower shapes and other symbols & doodles.

I am really excited about this course as it’s been a while since I ran a several weeks long, live solo course!! My last one was in 2010/ 2011! So excitement is huge in my little art studio down here in the South of England! :) Won’t you join me? I hope you will!



While we focus on portraits & inks on this course, on most of my courses I love incorporating an element of personal growth, expression and healing if and where possible! :) The creative process lends itself so well to supporting any personal development or healing journey you might already be undertaking.

Creativity can be meditative, calming, cathartic, therapeutic and healing. So, while we’re working in the journal I will also gently encourage you to get connected to any feelings, needs, thoughts or other sensations you might be experiencing. We may incorporate quotes, lyrics, poetry or other ‘word expressions’ in our journal spreads.

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Class Schedule:


Week 1 – Front Facing Flower Girl + Bonus (time lapse Front Facing Flower Girl)
Week 2 – 3/4 Portrait Flower Girl + Bonus (time lapse 3/4 Flower Girl)
Week 3 – Profile Portrait Flower Girl
Week 4 – Limited Palette Front Facing Flower Girl
Week 5 – Darker Skin Tone Flower Girl
Week 6 – High Contrast 3/4 Portrait Flower Girl
Week 7 – Turned Up Face Flower Girl + Bonus (time lapse Cat Girl)



 Art Supplies Needed

We will mostly be working with a variety of ink based products, however, we’ll also use some acrylics and other non-ink based supplies. Below I list what I’ve used and what I explore on the course with you, you do not, though have to buy all the different types of supplies, you can substitute and replace some supplies with what you already have at home.

The Basic Necessities:

  • Watercolour paper 14o lbs (I use hotpressed, but you can use cold pressed) – go for good quality, size 9 x 12, 12 x 16 or work in a journal on double spread (that’s what I am doing)
  • Graphite pencil for drawing + eraser
  • Some kind of inks in either marker, liquid or spray form. Either:  tombows OR dylusions OR ecoline inks/ markers OR JD mermaid markers OR letraset aquamarkers (these are all watersoluble, I’m not working with alcohol based inks) – I use tombows the most due their vibrant colours. If you’re on a budget and want to buy only a few tombows I would buy 1 or 2 pink/ magentas/ 1 or 2 blues/ 1 or 2 oranges/ 1 or 2 purple or indigo like colours
  • Helpful is: some watercolour crayons or watercolours in salmon and colours for shading like: oranges/ purples/ indigos, browns and pinks, we’ll also do a darker skin tone girl, I use ochre, burnt sienna, oranges, blues and purples for this type of skin tone.
  • Posca pens (or other paint markers like liquitex or sharpie or even ink based markers like micron)

Demonstrated on the course (not all needed):

I will show you and demonstrate how I use at one point or another any of the following materials, but you do NOT need to get all these different supplies, I’m just showing them to you for interest and learning! :) You can still make beautiful portraits without all the different brands!
  • I demonstrate all lessons in art journal that has 140lbs watercolour paper in it. You don’t have to work in a journal, it’s fine to work on single sheets if you prefer.Tombow Markers (possible substitute: letraset markers)
  • Ecoline Inks
  • Dylusions Ink Sprays
  • Jane Davenport Mermaid Markers (optional – can also use Pentel Colour Brush Pens)
  • Ecoline Markers
  • Acrylic Inks (Daler Rowney)
  • Some Golden High Flow
  • India Ink with Ink Pen
  • Neocolor II Crayons
  • Some acrylics (optional) to firm up skin tones
  • Graphite Pencil for drawing
  • Posca pens in white and black
  • Eraser

What You Will Need To Join the Course



► You will need a highspeed internet connection to be able to download and watch the videos.

► You will need to have a basic understanding of IT, like reading emails and navigating sites like Facebook & .

► If you are planning to download the videos you will need to make sure you have some storage available. Assume that you may approximately 15GBs available for this course.

► Art Supplies as mentioned above.

► Approx 3-5 hours per week for ‘yay arty time’ if you want to do the lessons weekly (but this is optional, you do not need to do the lessons weekly).




Here are some of the images we will create in this class.

Class Gallery:


  • All class content is downloadable
  • Type of course: live between Dec 1st  2017 and 12th January 2018 (then reverts to self study)
  • 7 in depth lessons + 3 bonus lessons
  • Supported by in depth PDFs
  • Work from your own home
  • Life Long Access

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  1. Connie Gensamer

    This is an amazing class! The colors are vibrant and the pieces you get to create are fun and teach you how to use the supplies. Tam is excellent at teaching you the techniques and even throws in how to fix mistakes. I enjoyed the seven weeks and recommend this if you want to improve how your faces look. Thank you Tam and the entire Unicorn..

  2. Karin

    This class has been a space of never ending inspiration and expression. Tamara Laporte is the best art teacher I have ever experienced. It is a joy to follow her lead and to learn from her mistakes and her way of overcoming them. The process allows for me to be more gentle with my own humanity. Her gentleness and non judgemental ways assist me into the exploration process of the new and to enjoyment of the process of creation. I was hooked on her first class. Her Masterful Lifebook is a total year long joy!! I’m already in my third year!!!! I recommend this course and all courses created by Tamara. Her heart is unique and special, I will follow her influence as long as I can. ❤️❤️❣️❤️❤️

  3. Shirley Deatcher

    I thoroughly enjoyed She Blooms in Ink and happy that at any time I can review the videos and detailed PDFs again :) With 7 main lessons plus several bonus videos, it’s an excellent value. I learned a lot about drawing faces in various angles and had so much fun playing with inks in various colour combinations. As always, Tamara you are a wonderful teacher and I thank you for this wonderful course.

  4. Maria Thrift

    Once again Tamara has given us a unique, diverse and informative lesson on how to create beautiful whimsical faces. I took this class because it specifically used inks and sprays and vibrant colors-all things I was scared to use in my art. She also teaches you how to draw faces from different angles. The value of the class is exceptional and the detailed PDFs are extremely helpful. Thank you Tamara!

  5. Lori Badstein

    This has been such an awesome class. Tamara is so incredibly talented and is such a wonderful teacher. I am so happy that I decided to take this class. I learned so much. I can refer back to the PDFs and the videos at any time. There was so much content in this course, so many bonuses, it is indeed a great value. If you are on the fence about taking this course, I say jump in with both feet, you will be happy that you did.

  6. sharonlholmberg

    I LOVED this class!!!!!! I learned soooo much about drawing faces, different angles and many ways to use inks, which I never used before the class. It’s nice being able to refer back to the PDF’s and videos. Tamera is an excellent teacher, thank you for this fantastic course!

  7. smomuffy00

    I love Tams classes! She’s a wonderful art teacher and she’s inspirational as well. She’s like a breath of fresh air. She not only teaches different techniques to reach the same goal but she laughs at her mistakes and shows you how to correct them. She’s real! So down to earth. Love you Tam! Thank for being you and for sharing your beautiful art with the world! I learned so much from this class!

  8. mardar321

    I absolutely adored this class!! Tam is such a wonderful and engaging teacher with so much talent and the way she takes you step by step through the whole creative process is such a wonderful experience. I can’t say enough good things…. truly! I had never really spent much time painting with ink, but now I have to include at least a little in everything I paint! Go for it, you won’t be sorry!!

  9. chantelle.venter

    Wow….What an amazing experience learning from one of my favourite artists. Everything about this course and any of Tam’s other courses are just AMAZING. I have a new found love for inks that I never used to have before. I would recommend this class to anyone over and over again. Keep up the good work and keep the courses coming. I am learning soooooo much from you that I can implement into my own artwork. Yay! xxx

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