Self Study: In Depth (4 - 12 weeks)

Winter Soul Flakes

Learn to create 3 winter lollipop girls of different skin tones with their whimsical friends!

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It’s a 3 segment class + 1 bonus session in which I show you how to create a wintery ‘lollipop’ girl in 3 different skin tones!

The class is full of information and techniques with video content of over 6.6 hours and 4 detailed PDFs (take a peek below into the PDFs).


You will learn how to:

  • draw/ sketch and shade a front-facing light-skinned wintery lollipop girl
  • draw/ sketch and shade a front-facing medium-skinned wintery lollipop girl
  • draw/ sketch and shade a front-facing dark-skinned wintery lollipop girl
  • draw little whimsical animal friends + one more slightly realistic looking wolf
  • learn how to make your whimsical animals look in different directions
  • learn to create a snowy/ wintery layered background
  • learn how to draw and design your own snowflakes
  • comes with a bonus lesson in which I show you how to create a snowflake painting on a light and dark background

Click on the images below to see the paintings you’ll learn to create on this course:


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Suggested Supplies

Please note, below are the supplies I used, but you can substitute the supplies if and where needed if you don’t have what I’ve used. Also: for skin tones I do not always the same exact colours. Experiment and play with your supplies and the variety of colours you have available to you.

  • 5 sheets of 140lbs watercolour paper (16 x 12”) – Brand: I used: Waterford & Saunders
  • Graphite pencil for sketching (I use a graphgear 1000 by pentel, the lead I use is 2b, the width of the pencil 0.9 – you don’t need to have this pencil, just sharing what I used)
  • Skin tone supplies and colours I used (substitute with different brands and colours where needed only listing exactly what I used in case you are curious):
  • Caran D’ache Neocolour II watersoluble Crayons, in the following colours: salmon/ salmon pink/ orangish yellow/ ochre + cinnamon + English red + brown + russet (sanguine) + burnt sienna + optional: reddish orange + bordeaux red
  • Dabber (Ranger): hazelnut + cool peri
  • Golden fluid acrylics: quinacridone nickel azo gold (or other deep orange/ brown acrylics) + quinacridone burnt orange
  • Heavy body acrylics (Daler Rowney): flesh tone/ portrait pink/ burnt umber/ naples yellow
  • Colour Pencils in violet, purples, dark reds, dark browns (the brand I use are prismacolor and luminance (caran d’ache)
  • I also used Derwent inktense pencils in the colours of ink black, aubergine, reds and browns
  • For facial features like eyes and mouth: Tombow Markers/ Caran D’ache Neocolour II watersoluble Crayons in colour of choice
  • For fine details: Black marker with fine tip: posca or signo-uniball/ White marker with fine tip: posca or signo-uniball + ivory marker (posca)
  • For hair: tombow markers/ watersoluble crayons & ink in your colours of choice (I mix several different turquoises/ light blues)
  • For the background: collage materials of choice (I use book pages, music scores, tissue papers)
  • Water/ Brushes (I like ‘pro arte – acrylix’ brushes) / Gel Medium (for gluing)
  • Some heavy body and fluid acrylics in colour of choice
  • White gesso + white ink or watered down white acrylics (for splattering)
  • Brayer
  • Stabilo all pencil or watersoluble pencil in black
  • Black Gesso + blue ink spray
  • All class content is downloadable
  • Type of course: self study – long course (4-12 weeks)
  • Video + PDF content
  • Life Long Access

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