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December 30, 2012

Elephant Girls & the Crazy that is My Life.

  Oh hello there world, it’s Tam here checking in rising from the depths of chaos that is a childcare-less holiday life in which sign ups for Life Book are EXPLODING, emails are backing up, I am super sleep deprived and crabby (at times) yet want to fall to my knees daily in deep gratitude Read More

September 21, 2012

Cranky & New Art <3

Ah man, my head is spinning. You know when you seriously need to take a break and just chill a little when even ‘someone’s sneezing style’ irritates you. LOL. I’m so crabby and I don’t like it! Particularly because I have no good reason to be crabby (apart from the monster that keeps me awake Read More

July 02, 2012

New painting, life and the inner critic.

Aloha lovely reader. :) In between the night shifts while waiting for video lessons to render and signing up new students to my mini art workshop Summer Girls (btw you can always join this one, it’s an open-ended self study sort of thing, over 155 students have already signed up! woohoo! sign up here if Read More

May 12, 2012

Ride it

  I started writing this 2 days ago;  I am awake again. It’s 5am and I’m sitting on the bed with 2 sleeping boys opposite me. I’ve been awake since about 4, Elliot waking me every hour for milk and then at 4:30, Dylan joined us with a snotty nose and therefore: snoring/ breathing loudly. Read More

August 01, 2011

Mercury, gimme a break yeah?!

Apparently the lovely planet Mercury is in retrograde, and while I’m not a great follower of the planet and stars, it’s true that whenever that darn planet does its retrograde thing a lot in my life goes haywire: Things keep going wrong, everything suddenly gets complicated, I become an emotional mess and feel the great Read More

June 08, 2011

Wales, new art and Winners of Give Away announced!

Hello, I’m back from Wales and had an amazing yet challenging time. :-) We were lucky that the weather changed from grey, windy, rainy and blustery to sunny and blue sky for the most part of the week! Let me tell you this helps a lot when all of your life (for a week) is Read More

April 15, 2011


You are Love Aloha lovely reader. :) How are you? I’m feeling quiet. Is that possible, to feel quiet? Like a silent sort of hibernation type thing? Just inwards stuff? Does that make sense? I wonder if it’s related to the pregnancy. This pregnancy feels very different from Dylan. With Dylan I had no nausea Read More

April 03, 2011


You are love. You are what exists before all stories. ~Byron Katie We went away for the weekend to Portsmouth which is near an awesome farm called Manor Farm which sits in an awesome foresty park. Manor farm had baby duckies (eeeee). There was 1 mummy ducky with 15 (seriously) baby duckies. My head dazzled Read More

March 22, 2011

Starshine on a string

So, the last week and a half have not been easy in the land of Tam. It started off with me running a low level depression which evolved into a more darker depression and then transformed into a more lighter space (this afternoon), luckily. I’ve also had a really bad cold and have generally not Read More

March 11, 2011

My life, my art, my stars.

Hello land o’ blogsies. Where was I? Well, since I last blogded (it’s a word cus I say so ;)), stuff has happened which I would’ve liked to have blogded about, but no time. So much for updating once a week! Meh. Mooh. I’m gonna change Meh to Mooh, much more fun, that cow association. Read More

December 23, 2010

Happy holidays!

Can you believe that the day we are leaving to spend 4 days with Andy’s family I am developing a major fever, cold and achyness? I feel achy all over, hot and cold and stomach probs too. Eugh! It seems that when you prepare to relax, your body sort of goes: aaah finally, like it Read More

October 10, 2010

Hugging is the Whole Point

Hugging is the Whole Point Original for sale HEREPrints available for sale HERE :-) Isn’t she cute? ♥ I have tired eyes and I sit here at too late an hour writing my blog, updating all my latest art bits on my site and in my etsy store and checking up on Dylbee intermittently who Read More