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September 04, 2013

Dylan turns 4.

Dylan is my first born son, conceived through IVF. :) He recently turned 4. Each year, I write him a birthday letter. For previous letters: Dylan’s Birth Story Dylan’s Birth Poem Dylan turns 1 Dylan turns 2 Dylan turns 3   Dearest fabulous Dylan. It’s 10pm. I’m sitting on a mattress in the dark a Read More

October 30, 2012

An afternoon painting with Dylan

Hello. Our household is riddled with illness at the moment (diarrhoea, nausea, sickness, eugh, it’s so annoying how often they pick up bugs, anyhoo). No childcare, so hardly any time to work. Sneaking in bits of work and blog time while babies asleep! :) On Sunday, Dylan painted. I took pictures. :0) (Photography used to Read More

September 21, 2012

Cranky & New Art <3

Ah man, my head is spinning. You know when you seriously need to take a break and just chill a little when even ‘someone’s sneezing style’ irritates you. LOL. I’m so crabby and I don’t like it! Particularly because I have no good reason to be crabby (apart from the monster that keeps me awake Read More

August 28, 2012

Dylan turns three. <3

Dear beautiful amazing Dylan, You’re sitting right next to me at the moment watching one of your favourite TV shows: “Kipper the Dog”. I don’t get a lot of time nowadays to write you birthday letters, what with you having a little brother now and me having a business to run, but I want to Read More

July 02, 2012

New painting, life and the inner critic.

Aloha lovely reader. :) In between the night shifts while waiting for video lessons to render and signing up new students to my mini art workshop Summer Girls (btw you can always join this one, it’s an open-ended self study sort of thing, over 155 students have already signed up! woohoo! sign up here if Read More

May 12, 2012

Ride it

  I started writing this 2 days ago;  I am awake again. It’s 5am and I’m sitting on the bed with 2 sleeping boys opposite me. I’ve been awake since about 4, Elliot waking me every hour for milk and then at 4:30, Dylan joined us with a snotty nose and therefore: snoring/ breathing loudly. Read More

February 29, 2012

3 months of Elliot – 2.5 years of Dylan & new art!

Well hello there faithful reader. :) It’s been a while, I know, but what can I say: things have been busy. :) I’m sitting here, unwashed with my trousers inside out. True story that. This be life with kids under the age of 3. Things like showering and wearing your trousers the right way out Read More

August 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Dear Dylan

Dearest Dylan, my Dylbee booshki boo. We’re about 9 days away from your 2nd birthday and I’ve been preparing this letter to you in my head for the last month or so. Recounting everything that has happened is this 2nd whirlwind of a year. A year in which you have reached many milestones and you Read More

August 01, 2011

Mercury, gimme a break yeah?!

Apparently the lovely planet Mercury is in retrograde, and while I’m not a great follower of the planet and stars, it’s true that whenever that darn planet does its retrograde thing a lot in my life goes haywire: Things keep going wrong, everything suddenly gets complicated, I become an emotional mess and feel the great Read More

July 13, 2011

Jellyfish Pancake

‘Jellyfish’ is one of my favourite words, also ‘pancake’ and ‘la fourchette’ is my favourite French word. I want to call something Jellyfish Pancake but I don’t know what and not my second son, no. (Still undecided on that one too btw!). I’m having one of those ‘meh’ days today. This pregnancy is so much Read More

July 07, 2011

Let Your Heart Sing

“Let Your Heart Sing” :-) I’m very happy with the above digital piece which I created during the lessons week 4 & 5 for Digital Dreams. (You can still join if you like btw, if you want to learn how to make art like the above, just go here: to sign up). I’ve been Read More

June 30, 2011


“Friends Come in all Shapes and Sizes”Available as a fine art print – 12 x 8″ – Giclee In Tam news. :-) It’s been busy. The digital course is in its 2nd week and going well! I’m LOVING what the students are doing and it’s enjoyable for me to run a course that isn’t mixed Read More