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September 19, 2017

Self Love Gift for You <3

  Take a moment for you. Take a moment, right now, to breathe in love and exhale worry. On each in-breath, inhale the following sentences while exhaling anxiety, sadness, depression:     I am worthy. I am whole. I am good enough. I am sacred. I am loved. I am connected to the divine. I Read More

June 07, 2017

Some Vulnerable Sharing.

Ola from Spain dear friends. The world feels like it’s going up in flames while I calmly and peacefully listen to my children’s laughter (like bells ringing) as they splash around in a beautiful pool filled with fresh sparkly water. How can peaceful joy and abject devastating terror be present in the world at the Read More

December 27, 2016

Journey with the Light

This is the first project we’ll do for Life Book 2017. I love it. It gives me hope and solace.  The title of the class is: “Journey with the Light” but I’ve affectionally come to call the girl; “Star Girl”. :) Stars speak to me, I love them a lot as most of you know. Read More

November 18, 2016

70% off Flash Sale + How to continue to foster love and unity.

Hello there creative family,  Well, what a time we’re going through at the moment. I’m witnessing people both upset about and celebrating recent events. Emotions are running high in all sorts of ways, I can’t help feeling worried and anxious about the widening divide I’m witnessing. With this often comes judgement and blame. And then the confusion, Read More

February 14, 2016

A Valentine of Self-Love – Free Print Gift! :)

Hello beautiful you’s. :) Happy V-day. Here is a special message to YOU on this Valentine’s Day. :) On V-day each year I like to change the focus a little bit from the love for and of “other” to the love for and of your beautiful glorious self. I like to invite you this year Read More

November 03, 2015

I struggle too, you know.

Ola fabulous monkey face. ;) You’re not a monkey, no you’re not, you’re a divine being of light, sometimes you just don’t know it or feel it, but it’s truuuuuuuuuuue! :) So I’ve been doing a lot of art lately (when am I not, lol) and posting progress shots on instagram and on the book Read More

October 19, 2015

Free Life Book Taster! Yay! :-)

Hey there fabulous creative friends! :) This is a free Life Book taster session from Life Book 2015, hope you enjoy it!! And if you do enjoy it! Be sure to join us for the most current Life  Book year!! You can find out more about the current Life Book year by checking it out Read More

January 19, 2015

9 Steps to Self-Forgiveness + Time Lapse Whimsical Flowers

Hey hoooooo beautiful readers o’mine! :) Happy new year, I know we’re mid January already but with the launch of Life Book at the beginning of the year, I’ve been so insanely busy that I didn’t even have time to breathe let alone say ‘happy new year’ to you until now. Hahaha! (That’s slightly ‘deranged’ laughter Read More

October 28, 2014

Altering a Children’s Book

Hey guys! I’ve been altering a children’s book over the last couple of weeks, enjoyed it at a lot and made you a little tutorial. :) There isn’t much to it really. Just prepping & priming pages in interesting ways and altering the cover a bit too! :) In my free art course (Art, Heart Read More

August 13, 2014

Book Worm Girl – Available Now! :)

She’s finally here guys! :D So many of you saw the work in progress photo steps of this girlie on my instagram and instantly asked me: ‘will she be available as a lesson?‘ and at first she wasn’t and then all of a sudden: SHE WAS! NOW SHE IS! :) Yayyyy! Come learn how to Read More

July 08, 2014

Rainbow Mermaid

 Rainbow Mermaid Workshop Information   Learn to make this beautiful mermaid in a whimsical style! I’ll show you step by step how to draw the face/ body, then how to shade the face, create beautiful detail and how to establish depth in your face. We’ll then have an awesome time creating a colouful background with Read More

June 28, 2014

Muse Merriment – Come join us!

Muse Erato of Love Poetry • Prints Available Here • • Original Painting Available Here •   Hello my beautiful creative friends! :) Guess what? I’m part of the teaching team of Muse Merriment – a wonderful collaborative course organised by Kelly Hoernig (who is a lovely contributor to Life Book!)! It’s this awesome course all Read More