Category: spiritual awakening

September 27, 2013

Why Self-Acceptance is Crucial

So I’ve recently started seeing a therapist. While I’ve only had a few sessions with her, I’m already noticing the impact of sharing my stuff with a stranger, being heard and ‘held’ and being supported on my life long quest to become more loving to and accepting of myself. I know that so many, if Read More

March 01, 2010

electricity fingers

14.02.2010. electricity sparked from my fingers when i touched, in the dark, one of my mother’s leopard-print pillows. i stared at the blue flickery lights in awe, electrified, and thought to myself; “no one will believe me when I tell them that electricity came from my fingers”. then, i fell asleep. *** 15.02.2010. i walked Read More

July 22, 2009

the thing that wakes up.

i love what adyashanti said here: “the odd thing about spiritual awakening is; the thing that wakes up, is not the thing that’s searching” that’s exactly how i think “enlightenment” is. this ego, this me, that searches isn’t what it’s all about at all, that bit isn’t going to have a realisation, it’s the “other” Read More