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June 07, 2017

Some Vulnerable Sharing.

Ola from Spain dear friends. The world feels like it’s going up in flames while I calmly and peacefully listen to my children’s laughter (like bells ringing) as they splash around in a beautiful pool filled with fresh sparkly water. How can peaceful joy and abject devastating terror be present in the world at the Read More

May 10, 2016

55 Life Lessons from someone who just turned 40! :)

  So I recently turned 40. What? That’s like I have to be a proper grown up now right? ;) Luckily when I asked all my instagram and FB friends that question the dominant answer was; “Noooo don’t grow up! Stay YOUOUOUO!” :) Which was an awesome answer. Don’t I have great friends? So for Read More

January 16, 2014

Some Sharing

{Warning: posts contains swearing} It’s been a while since I’ve found the time to write about my life instead of about anything art or business related. Some of you who’ve been following my musings for a long time now and know me quite well (I think some of you go back well into my livejournal Read More