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November 05, 2013

Tam’s Happy New Stencils, Yay yahoo and wuzzah!

When Lisa from Artistcellar first asked me to work on a set of stencils with her, I tried to do cartwheels but failed. I used to be a pretty good gymnast when I was young, but rheumatism and gravity have worked against me, so instead I boogied around the room to karmachameleon, which is my Read More

October 26, 2013

My stencils are out and a list of happies!

Hey-ho my creative friends! Life has been a bit challenging in the last couple of weeks. Lots has been going on ‘behind the scenes’ leaving me quite stressed and shakey, and the fantasy of a 3 month holiday in the Bahamas where I lie on a sunbed on a sandy beach being waited on by Read More