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Lesson 8 – Magic, Vulnerability & Courage

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Wahay, hello oh fair friends! :) Welcome to the 8th lesson on Life Book 2015 Tam Edition!

So here is another lesson with yours truly! :). And guess what? We will be creating a male portrait (shockkkkkkk!). For so many years now, I’ve had people ask me: Tam, do you teach male faces? boys? men? anything mannish? And I just used to shake my head and say sorry nope, I’m all about ‘the she’ in my art! Then last year, when I was writing the Life Book schedule (which happens about a year ahead of time) I decided to set myself the challenge to include a male portrait but in such a way that I could be passionate & thrilled about it. (Because to me, simply showing you guys how to do a male portrait, didn’t speak to me).

Another thing started coming up for me too: here and there I’d get comments or questions from people asking or saying things like: “why don’t you draw/ paint older people, babies, different skin tones, men, children/ boys, curvier people” etc etc. People expressed how they would love to be able to paint/ draw the vast diversity of subjects in life and somehow wondered why I don’t paint/ teach the vast diversity of people and subjects that are out there. Which got me thinking about: why do we paint what we paint? What motivates someone, anyone to paint the subjects that they paint? :) Interesting question right?

So I got thinking & musing and found out that what I paint is a deeply personal externalisation of my inner world, needs, wishes and hopes. At times with a focus on ‘what I wished I’d had as a child’. My subjects are mostly white “fae-like” females as they both represent ‘a version of me’ and they express/ capture an innocence I love and remember having as a child.

My motivation to draw/ paint what I paint is to externalise my inner world which is much different to what some other people/ artists do. Some paint to make political statements (think Banksy), some paint to represent their outer world visually, some paint to simply express in whichever way they need, I paint to externalise what’s inside, or to have “a conversation with myself on the page”.

So it was a bit awkward and weird for me to do a male. I love men. I’m a big fan of men in life and still I’ve found it hard to ‘use’ them to represent my inner landscape. :) But I did my very best for this lesson and LOVED what has come out, so much. Turns out my men/ boys are quite ‘Peter-Pannish’ which makes sense (lost innocence and whimsical again) and it worked for me this way.

In my musings I also talk about the concept of ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ energies that can obviously live in either gender. These are all things I’m discussing in the intro video today. There is a lot to this subject. :)

I really hope you enjoy the musings/ thinking behind this lesson and I would invite you today to ask yourself: “why do I paint what I paint? what/ who am I meeting on the page?” (if anything/ anyone)? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject! Of course, the creative process does not -in any way- have to be for any ‘deep reason’! It’s so personal and so different for everyone! I just find the subject fascinating and love hearing the different approaches from everyone.

Ok, let’s get started, btw if you just want to learn my take on a male portrait and not listen to all the musings, you can skip the intro and skim to 13 minutes 28 seconds in video 2 where the art part starts.

Really looking forward to your male portraits!!! Exciting! Remember to share your work with us in the Willowing and Friends Facebook group here:

I hope you enjoy! :)

Much Love
Tam x

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