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Radical Wellness – Living Your Wellness Plan – Day 1

Woop woop beautiful, day 1 is here! :D


Are you ready for the first of day of implementing your wellness plan? I AM! :D –


Woohoo, here we go!!

So, I’d like you take a moment and make a conscious decision tostep into your power with kindness, love and compassion for yourself.Reach deep into yourself to that place that is pure and strong. It’s from that place I encourage you to make decisions over the next 4 weeks.


Remember that this is about empowered choice making. This is not about deprivation, starvation or you telling yourself ‘you’re not allowed‘, ‘you shouldn’t’ etc. Instead, each time you eat, do so from a place of choice, empowered choice.


Continue to ask yourself:


What choice do I want to make, right now, that will enhance & and enrich my health & my wellbeing?


(Side note: the more we look after ourselves and enrich our health & wellbeing, the more the universe will jump with joy, for looking after ourselves will spill over into and have a positive effect on the lives of everyone else).


I’d ask the question above each time you feel the urge to eat. The question also  functions as a way to become aware again. It helps you to not just mindlessly respond to any subconscious messages & urges.

Stay aware, stay here now. Be here now, with love, understanding and kindness. Remember that goals can be reviewed and re-assessed. Don’t go too easy on yourself, aim to stick to your goals and plans, but by no means, be too hard on yourself. Too stringent goal setting can result in ‘failure’ which will make you feel miserable and can be a major trigger into ‘unwellness’! Be sensible and kind.


On that note, because Gracie posted last week that she’d eaten a Chinese take away, and she was feeling bad, we got talking about how to deal with ‘slip ups’ (I’ve come to start calling them ‘beautiful messes’). In response I’ve created a ‘beautiful mess’ card sheet which you can use each time you have a ‘slip up’. Download the sheet by clicking on the image below:




Last week, I kind of ‘test ran’ some of the worksheets and found that I wanted to revise the weekly sheets a little to allow for more flexibility for you guys. So I made two more that you can use instead of the weekly sheet that is included in the workbook (though you don’t have to, I just wanted you to have more flexibility in case you need it). I made one blank one so you can fill it in to completely suit your needs, and I created another which is similar to the one that exists already but added some empty rows so you can add more things should you need them:


This is the revised one:



This is the blank one:





So, onto today’s content, I’d first like to share with you a little video in which I explain how to fill in your daily pages. The daily prompts are really there for you mostly to: bring you back to the HERE NOW and to be aware of where you’re at. They’re also there for you to set intentions for the day and to savour the blessings of your days too. I’ll explain it all in the video.


Then today I also want to share our first art exercise with you. You can use this exercise whenever you have feelings to process. It’s a wonderful way of really getting all your ‘stuff out’ and then creating beauty from it too!


This week I’ll also be sharing a new meditation each morning which you can use however often you like in a day, but my suggestion is at least once a day preferably first thing in the morning.


Today’s mediation is a ‘grounding meditation’. Please download it by right clicking on the link below and choosing: ‘save target or link as’. It can be played in iTunes or Windows Media Player.



Darling one, you can do this, WE CAN DO THIS! :D

How to fill in your Daily Pages

Processing Feelings with Art Journalling - Part 1

Processing Feelings with Art Journalling - Part 2

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