When I first dreamed up the concept of Life Book, I had a great and grand vision for it. I hoped it was going to support people on their creative journey, help them reign in the inner critic and find more self love, self connection, self growth which in turn I knew would create happier people who would do ‘happier things’ in the world.

Life Book took flight and imagine my unbridled joy when my dream actualised and yes, Life Book, was doing the job I had envisioned or it!! :D I receive happy messages from students daily letting me know that Life Book makes a difference to their lives, that they feel lighter, happier and more able to deal with the things that life throws at them! Not to mention all the wonderful art techniques they learned too! Below is a letter from a Life Book student (dear Ruth) that touched me so deeply I had to send it to my mum!!! :D I’m sharing her letter with permission here so that you can get a flavour of what Life Book has done for her and could do for you too. I’m so proud of this testimonial. So grateful to people that have taken the leap and immersed themselves in this healing, creative, fun and liberating process! If you want to read more Life Book Love Stories, click here or check out the testimonials page here. :) Big hugs!

Dear Tam,

I’ve wanted to send this thank you letter for a long time now but have put it off because I hadn’t yet found the right words. Words big enough and full enough to express just how profound my gratitude is for you, and for Life Book.

I’m fifty-one years old now and for most of those years I’ve had difficulty believing in my worth. I’ve had a hard time trusting happiness and haven’t often felt free enough nor safe enough to celebrate and honor myself just exactly as I am.

Four years ago, after going through a family crisis, I decided it was time to begin tending to my heart. I loved writing so I signed up for a few online writing courses. I read tons of self-help books about how to live a happier, more authentic life and I was making good progress. However, it seemed I was only ever able to take one small step forward before I found myself taking two, sometimes three, long steps back.

During this time, a friend gave me one of Kelly Rae Roberts’s gift books and I was charmed by her art work. I looked her up online and signed up for both of her courses. Doing so was huge for me. I wasn’t someone who’d made art before and spending the money on classes and supplies seemed both foolish and frivolous. But, I felt inexplicably called to do so and the minute I smeared paint on my first canvas something inside began to stir. I like to imagine the feelings were coming from my wings, long tucked in by then, finally finding the outlet which would allow them to begin unfurling.

When her courses were over I searched the web for more online mixed media offerings and I’m certain it was the work the Divine that lead me to you. I watched one of your YouTube videos where you showed a completed Life Book and I was captivated. Even though my art skills were still quite rudimentary and I wasn’t sure how I’d make anything even near resembling your beautiful artwork, I wanted a book just like yours!

I read the description of Life Book and the many testimonials about how Life Book is, yes, about creating fabulous art, but more so, it can be a life-altering journey. The promise of a year’s worth of uplifting, transformative work in which I might finally learn to heal and love myself—all through the making of art—had me signing up immediately.

Right from the start, I fell in love: with you, with the expert teachers you assembled, with the insightful themes and the wide variety of art styles I was learning to practice. Moving through the year, completing every thoughtful and expertly prepared lesson, I watched my stack of art pages grow, continually amazed at all that went into them. I knew I’d feel proud assembling them together at the end of the year but as it turns out, I felt much more than pride. When I held my Life Book 2016 in my hands for the first time, so large and heavy it felt and looked much more like a tome than a book, I wept. Not only was I holding pages and pages of beautiful art work I was completely astonished to have created, seeing the progress of my skills as they improved over the year, I was cradling the proof of my heart and soul’s progress too. Tangible proof. Proof that makes it impossible for me to deny that I am good. I am beautiful. I am enough. I am talented. I matter.

In 2016 I also completed Ever After, both modules, and found that course to be an exciting and enjoyable challenge. I loved every artist’s take on the fairy tales, had fun learning to improve and develop new art skills, and was fascinated by the style development component. I listened to each interview, read and completed the questions in each workbook, and by the end of the course felt emboldened and inspired to imagine what my own artist’s voice may soon start revealing.

Tam, thank you for creating Life Book, and Ever After too, and thank you also for being such a passionate steward of love for our world. Because of you and your gifts, all the beauty you create and so lovingly share, I too have been able to create something beautiful: my life.

With love and deep gratitude,

Ruth M Redshaw

Grace Marie … my artistic pseudonym :)