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Kaleidoscope 2023 Free Taster Week

Course skill level: All

Dive into art, colour, worldly wonders & the beautiful human spirit, and get a taste of the FULL Kaleidoscope 2023 course, with this FREE Kaleidoscope 2023 Taster Week!

Did you miss the Kaleidoscope 2023 Free Taster Week?

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A deep dive into colour and the human spirit. Grab your 7-Day Replay of our Kaleidoscope 2022 Taster Week


  • Play with 18 inspiring creative taster sessions.
  • Learn from amazing artists and experts.
  • Get to know the Kaleidoscope Teachers!
  • Work from the comfort of your home.
  • Have lots of creative fun!
  • 7-Day Access
  • It’s FREE!

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Please note that unlike the live version of the taster week, there will of course be no giveaways or live closing ceremony.

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Meet the Teachers

Read more about the Kaleidoscope 2023 teachers here. 

Here is a taste of the amazing pieces that you’ll be making in this Kaleidoscope Taster Week, click on the images to enlarge the images:


  • All class content is downloadable
  • Type of lesson: FREE Taster Alert! To introduce you to the Kaleidoscope 2023 course & the teachers (and just to have fun too!), Tam ran a free taster week! Yay! If you want to learn more about this exciting Kaleidoscope 2023 course and enjoy a free taster week (with free introductory classes from the Kaleidoscope 2023 teachers), then make sure you join this Kaleidoscope 2023 Free Taster Week!
  • Video content
  • Life Long Access

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