Tag: 29 Faces

May 28, 2012

One of the not quite 29 Faces

I did this one face for the 29 faces challenge (which I won’t be able to complete and that is cool!) a while back and filmed the process. :) I think she might go into my Life Book. Have only just had a chance to upload both the image and the video. Hope you like.

May 09, 2012

Faces & Journals

Oh hello again! No, I didn’t write a blog post yesterday, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t do a portrait! :) Lookit, here’s the one I did yesterday: I did this one in 30 mins. For clarification: whenever I can and have the extra time, I will spend more than 15-20 mins on it. :) Read More

May 07, 2012

Portait nr 5. 29 Faces

Here is a progression of portrait nr 5. for 29 Faces. :) I had about an hour or so, so kept working on it a bit more. :) Have had an exhausting last 4 days, so gonna leave it at this. xoxo Hopefully back tomorrow!

May 05, 2012

Portrait 3 – 29 Faces

  Ok, I wasn’t able to do a face yesterday as my child care didn’t work out (isn’t it crazy how everything falls apart when your childcare doesn’t turn up? Drives me crazy!), but I begged the husber to give me an hour or so this morning and so I did a portrait and made Read More

May 03, 2012

Portrait nr 2 and IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! :)

  Here is my 2nd portrait for the 29 Faces challenge. Ok I allowed myself 20 mins today and would’ve gone on if my fancy schmancy pedicure appointment wasn’t calling me! It’s my birthday today and the pedicure was a gift by the awesome husber! It was relaxing and fun and now my toes are Read More

May 02, 2012

29 Faces & Teh Crazy

❤ Woozah! Here is a LOVE BOMB for ya! :) ❤  Ok, it’s mental here and therefore I’ve decided to take part in the 29 Faces Challenge. This because apparently I’m insane and enjoy high blood pressure. Ok, the truth is: I am jealous! Jealous of all those people who have the time and freedom Read More