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The Happy Traveller

This lesson was originally published as the first lesson of Life Book 2016. In this class we are going to be creating our ‘Happy Traveller’ painting. :)

Specifically we will be including 1 or more ‘sacred soul animals’ that will be with you on your journey this year. The idea is that you can invoke or refer to these animals as ‘animal medicine’, they are creatures that can guide you/ help you on your way.

I enjoy creating supporting/ affirmative “protective” type characters that can then be ‘with you’ or be ‘referred to’ as a symbolic kind of support system.

In past years on Life Book we have created: “The Beacon of Light”, “Inner Artist Guardian” and a “Fairy Art God Mother”. :)

For the lesson today we will create a front-facing girl with 1 or more sacred soul animals surrounding her.

I’ve included a guided meditation that can help you to release fear and welcome in the new.

I hope you’ll join! :)

What we’ll make:



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