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Kaleidoscope 2020 Free Taster Week

Course skill level: All

Dive into art, colour, worldly wonders & the beautiful human spirit, and get a taste of the FULL Kaleidoscope 2020 course, with this FREE Kaleidoscope 2020 Taster Week!

The Kaleidoscope Free Taster Week has now finished! Did you miss it?!

Don’t worry, you can still get your very own 5-Day Replay of the Kaleidoscope Taster Week by adding this product to your basket!

A deep dive into colour and the human spirit. Grab your 5-Day Replay of our Kaleidoscope Taster Week


  • One Full Length, in-depth class
  • 6 bonus classes
  • Subjects ranging from Greta Thunberg to the Amalfi Coast
  • 5-Day Access
  • It’s FREE!

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By adding this product to your basket and going through checkout, you will receive 5 days access to the Taster Week content. Don’t worry; it’s completely FREE!

Please note that unlike the live version of the taster week, there will of course be no giveaways or live closing ceremony.

Here is a taste of the amazing pieces that you’ll be making in the Kaleidoscope Taster Week:


  • All class content is downloadable
  • Type of lesson: FREE Taster Alert! To introduce you to the Kaleidoscope 2020 course & the teachers (and just to have fun too!), Tam ran a free taster week! Yay! If you want to learn more about this exciting Kaleidoscope 2020 course and enjoy a free taster week (with free introductory classes and live faqs), then make sure you join this Kaleidoscope 2020 Free Taster Week!
  • Video content
  • Life Long Access

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