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Life Book 2019 The Tam Edition

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Life Book 2019 The Tam Edition
is now on Sale!

Each year when Life Book finishes running, Tam’s individual classes become available as a packaged deal. ‘LB2019 The Tam Edition’ includes 8 in-depth mixed media art lessons & 5 bonus lessons by Tam from Life Book 2019.

The lessons are taken from Life Book 2019; Life Book 2019 was a 12 month course where Tam and 30 other teachers shared their mixed media, craft and well being techniques, tips and tricks. Life Book 2019 has now finished but Tam’s lessons from Life Book 2019 have been put together for you here in this stand alone course Life Book 2019 The Tam Edition!

These are all the projects we’ll do together:

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Lesson projects & themes:

  • No Mud, No Lotus (Warm-Up) – A creative warm up, explore supplies, layering and setting an intention
  • The Light of the Art Angel – Work with the energy of our ‘Art Angel’ who will help us let go of our fears and focus on being our best self-loving creative selves this year. We will create an art angel in mostly watercolours surrounded by a beautiful cosmic sky.
  • Blessings of the Unicorn – In this bonus session focus on the dreams you wish to manifest this year. This painting will include some unicorn magic to help with making our dreams come true!
  • Celebration Bird – Work on reframing some negative inner self judgements and make a colourful ‘Celebration Bird’ to celebrate the positive reframes.
  • Super You – Spend some very intentional time looking at all the things that are positive and good about YOU and celebrate & anchor our positive qualities in this art work which will include a paint over collage technique.
  • Happy Houses – Create a series of quirky houses, each house can (optionally) represent a positive person, experience or other positive ‘thing’ in your life.
  • Making Alice – An art session + meditation, create a painterly girl!
  • Loving the Monster – Work with ‘7 story archetypes’ and art-wise a side profile (should you choose to go with my design, you can go completely another way of course depending on what story you work with).
  • Grow Free – Create florals (expressive ones) and work through limiting beliefs!
  • Lady Disco – Create your Lady Disco in this painterly bonus lesson.
  • A Certain Darkness is Needed to See the Stars – Work with your ‘shadow’ and ‘light’ and ‘moon symbolism’. Creatively we’ll work on a painterly/ loose/ sketchy – high contrast portrait that aims to help you accept and honour both the diffcult and light aspects of you and your life.
  • You are Loved – Art Doll Craft! – A MAIN Life Book lesson from Tam, to be released in October!
  • Binding Your Life Book  – Learn how to bind your Life Book work into a book! (to be released in December)


  • 8 main, in depth lessons + 5 bonus lessons
  • All class content is downloadable
  • Type of course: self study – long course (4-12 weeks)
  • Video + PDF content
  • Life Long Access

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