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Whimsy Wonderland 2019 – Self Study Course

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Sometimes the holiday months can get so dark and gloomy don’t you find? This is why I thought it would be super fun to run a joyful, whimsical, fun and light, arts & crafts course!

Let’s Bring Fun, Light & Whimsy to the season!

Hi, I’m Tam! :) I love making art and hanging out with likeminded creative buddies! I also love teaching art and getting several of my creative friends together to bring you life enriching art content to support YOU on your creative journey!

“Whimsy Wonderland” is a mixed media arts & crafts course with a whimsical, light and fun theme looking at the topics of winter/ holiday/ light in the dark/ festive season/ Christmas & the returning light/ family + togetherness! Tam is joined by 9 popular mixed media art teachers who will all share whimsical & fun arts and craft lessons with you!

The intention of this course is to bring joy, fun, light and whimsy to the darker months and for those who find those months joyful already, we hope the course will bring more creative joy, fun and inspiring creative holiday projects! We hope to bring you a light, whimsy and a fun course that can inspire and support you through these (sometimes) challenging months.

This class first ran live in December 2019 but is now available as a self study course!

This course ran for 5 weeks during the months of November and December 2019. 2 Whimsical Holiday Projects were posted every week during November and December.

Some projects can be made as Christmas presents or holiday gifts, others are projects that can be used as ornaments and others still might simply be projects to help you welcome back the light or support you through the darker months.

Scroll down to read the class descriptions of what each teacher will do! :)

I love the festive season and also know it can be a difficult time for some people, so I thought: let’s do some fun artsy crafty art works together to keep us inspired, connected and joyful!

Your Whimsy Wonderland Teachers

We’ve all prepared delightful, whimsical, festive art projects for you that we can’t wait to share with you! :)

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What You’ll Learn!


Tam will teach:

“Wintery Warmth & Love” with Tamara Laporte” – For this lesson we will create a whimsical girl with her little Robin friends cosily wrapped up in layers of warm clothing, holding a warm mug of hot cocoa! We will work with collage and mixed media techniques to create a beautiful wintery painting which will leave you feeling inspired and loved.


Andrea will teach: 

Frosty Source of cozy Light

I will teach you how to paint a frosty Winter Girl, all bundled up to have some fun in the Snow with her whimsical Winter Buddies. Then we will use them to create a fun Lightbox that you can hang up to spread some Joy and cozy Light to warm your Heart throughout the cold Winter Season.

Katrina will teach: 

A Winter’s Tale” 

In my lesson we will be painting a little story in acrylics on a woodslice.

I love painting these little treasures as they can be a wonderful gift or keepsake, a special little treasure for a loved one, friend or child.

We will enter into the land of whimsy and magic and let it take us on a little creative journey as we paint an animal & character in acrylics and let the magic of winter wonderland inspire us.

Sylwia will teach: 

“A 3D Fairytale Angel”

In this class we will built a 3D whimsical angel. For this project we will use cardboard, which will be our base, then we will add fabric, heavy body gesso, texture paste to transform it in to a sturdy angel. When the project is dry, we will paint it with acrylic paints and inks. Then we will add fabric, stamps, embellishments and many more to create amazing texture. We will also learn how to paint beautiful whimsical face. Your Fairytale angel will be a great addition to your studio or magical gift for your friend.


Ady will teach: 

“The Magic of Christmas”

I will paint a dreamy winter town using acrylics and Stabilo woodies (color pencils), semi-abstract, using a pale of blues, very whimsy and all about winter and Christmas!

Plus we will add some Christmas lights to the canvas which will make this project a 3D workshop!

Marielle will teach: 

“Winter Faun Girl” 

We will create a winter faun girl on heavy weight watercolour or mixed media paper using light-fast waterbased media and probably some sparkly, glittery materials too.

This painting will be then glued onto a wood disk so that it can make for a nice home decoration or gift for a loved one.

And of course this girl can totally be done in an art journal too if you prefer!



Pamela will teach: 

Seeing The Magic With Our Wonder Glasses”

In this lesson, using acrylic paint and collage papers, we will paint on canvas a female portrait with her right hand holding her “Wonder Glasses”.

Sharon will teach:

Sitting With The Moon

There is nothing more beautiful than a winter sky. The air is crisp and the moon is bright. You can almost hear the chime of the stars as they twinkle in a Paynes Grey firmament.

It is such a peaceful experience to bask in the light of the moon on such a night.

In my lesson  Sitting With The Moon, we will explore the connection between humans and this magical, astronomical body that hovers above us.

Using an intuitive painting method, I will guide you step by step and show you how to create a painting that tells a story, one that expresses your unique creative voice.

We will discover the joy of mark-making, incorporate lots of color and learn how to extract a figure from an abstract foundation.


Sophie will teach: 

Oh Christmas Tree”

We will be creating an adorable Christmas Tree inspired art doll with air dry clay and decorating her till our heart’s content with mixed media.



Effy will teach: 

“Release & Receive”

Class description: Work with written journaling and mixed media art to explore, honour, and release 2019 in order to make space for wonder in 2020. 


Tam will teach:

“’Tis the Season to Be Quirky” For this lesson we will create a holiday/ Christmas/ Winter inspired Quirky Bird who will bring you joy, fun, light and whimsy this season! 

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Let’s create whimsical and fun art together!

See you there!

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