Happy messages from my awesome students! :-) 

Thousands of people have taken Tam’s art classes since 2008. This is what they have said about her and her classes:


Testimonials – Life Book 2015

* Tabs King says:
A year ago I thought I couldn’t draw and I couldn’t paint… I joined life book and began to develop my own style and confidence, some of the lessons have been scary and pushed me way way way out of any comfort zone I had, and yet today I’m sat here spewing with creativity (spewing in a good way) and I don’t have enough words to express how forever grateful I am to Tam and her team for giving me one of the greatest gifts I will ever have and I cherish it every single day. So there gushy emotional gratitude post xxx”

* Karen Gist says: “It’s incredible isn’t it? I am now finding that I am painting in a fashion I NEVER thought possible for me!!! My confidence levels have grown so much and its down to Lifebook! I am actually in the middle of painting one of my cats…never would have done that last year! So a BIG thank you from me too <3 x”

* Terry Honstead says: Life Book is a mixed media journaling experience where you get so much for your money. With videos and PDFs every week, it is the best value for the money I have seen. Besides that, it is a fun group to be a part of and I look forward to learning more again next year”

* Kim DuPree says:I have grown so much and learned so much about how my different art materials work. I’ve struggled and been astounded at things I’ve created. I’ve been blown away by some of my fellow classmates’ work, and I am determined not to compare my near-beginning to someone else’s middle! I’ve learned how to fix things if I mess up and I’m more confident in my work. And I had fun! I think you undervalue the course – it is worth far more than we pay for it. But I understand you want to keep it affordable for a larger number of people. And Tam, I love love love the little dance you do at the beginning of your videos! It makes me so happy. – Life Book is an amazing mixed media journey with a great variety of teachers, where you have a lesson each week and you learn more than you ever thought possible. It’s an amazing value for what you receive. You MUST do it!”

* Sharon Hunt-Weddel says: It is fun! And, you really can draw and paint – just follow the steps and don’t rush. Really – it’s not hard as you think and it feels really nice when you complete and lesson and it looks good! Try it you wouldn’t be disappointed. I love it…….never thought I could do this. But. I can and even my friends ask for my “art”. I have given away several things and I so happy that they enjoy having it their homes. Thank you Tam!!!!!”

* Christie Dilorenzo says: “I’ve actually been meaning to send you a message to tell you how much Life Book 2015 has meant to me. It has really pushed me to play, practice, and grow with my artwork. I took it to heart when you told us to let go of frustrations and expectations and comparing our work to others. It has been so freeing and I’ve transferred that philosophy to other aspects of my life as well. I love having you and Life Book as part of my world!! – I recently did describe it to a friend. I told her how there were a variety of different art lessons each week from various artists. That we are exposed to lots of different techniques and themes. I’ve learned a lot about different art supplies and how to use them too. The instructional videos are great as you can pause them or replay as needed and there is always the option to email and ask for help or clarification. In addition there are PDFs included so if you want to print instructions, that option is available. It really caters to a variety of interests and learning styles. I didn’t know if I’d like the online class environment but it is very well supported and is working great for me!!”

* Gail Brule says: “The weekly nudge to DO ART! I like that it is a regular part of my life that I can dip into in a habit-forming way; just like I meditate daily. Both are great habits that work muscles, just like exercising. The more you work them, the better you get! It is a year long experience of art. You get to dip your toe into a lot of techniques and get a taste for the teaching styles of a wide variety of artists. There really is nothing quite like it on the market today. For beginners I would say they really need to experience it for skills building and development as an artist.”

* Kim English says:  “Life Book is a fun experience filled with a variety of instructors and lessons. The lessons are well structured and complete with pdf instructions and supplies lists. Tam and her staff work hard to ensure a positive experience for everyone from beginning to accomplished artists. There is an amazing facebook group to share your completed lessons knowing that you will be supported and encouraged. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of Life Book 2015.”

* Susan Cantin says:  “AWESOME … best art experience I’ve ever had at a price I can afford … I’m a senior on a fixed pension and can’t afford a huge sum for maybe two or three weeks. This course is also like sitting in Paris learning from so many different artists … loving it.”

* Kris Bilyeu says: “I have loved the consistency of lessons and the variety of each week’s lessons. It’s fun to get to learn from so many different teachers and to experiment with techniques and products that I might not otherwise have tried. I love the Facebook page and seeing other people’s interpretations of the lessons — it’s always so much fun to see the different creative outcomes. I am always amazed and inspired by the varied takes on the lessons. Life Book has opened my eyes. I look at things differently and from more angles. I’ve certainly stopped judging if my work is “good enough or not”. That doesn’t EVEN enter my mind or my heart anymore. I’ve enjoyed the supportive community — the Facebook pages, and the availability of you and Gracie. I feel that Life Book is one of the most loving and supporting and self-nurturing things that I could ever have done for myself. To my friends I would say: OMG you guys. This course is so, so wonderful. To begin with, Tam has made it affordable so that I am able to participate. So many courses that interest me are way too spendy. Every Monday like clockwork, there is a new lesson, a new adventure waiting for me. It’s a whole year long and there are 20-30 different teachers and so many different lessons and techniques to play with. I’ve learned so much and am still learning. It’s like recess, for me, all the time!! I’ve really learned to let go of the idea of “perfectionism” and now I embrace the journey as much (or more so) than the destination. It’s been such an eye-opening happening for me. I feel more creative in other aspects of my life too. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.”

* Carmen Lucero says: “Life Book is a year-long class that offers weekly lessons from a variety of artists with their own styles and techniques. You get to try out the lessons at your own pace. There is no pressure to be perfect. Every Monday there is a new lesson that you can follow along or do your own thing. The lessons are taught by seasoned professionals and are very diverse. There is also feed back if needed. There is a forum where your project can be posted and everyone has an opportunity to admire and give positive feedback. It also contains useful lessons and meditation that can help you to cope with whatever life brings you. I enjoy it tremendously!”

* Cristel casteleyn says: “The best course ever. You learn a lot of techniques. You feel being part of a creative community with lovely inspiring people. Love it a lot, learned a lot so far.”

* Emily, Reading says: “Absolute incredible value!”

* Jeanne Elliott says: “Life Book offers a great opportunity to learn new and leading edge techniques from a great variety of well known art teachers. It will enlarge your repertoire and broaden your horizons. It is the chance to ‘try out’ the styles and techniques of some of the guest instructors and get to know them so that you can decide if, at some later point, you want to dive into their online classes to learn more in depth. I have found all the teachers and lessons to be inspirational and I have learned a lot. Definitely worth the price and more!”

* Jenny Skinner says: WONDERFUL, DIVERSE, INSPIRATIONAL, SUPPORTIVE, CREATIVE, PROFESSIONAL….. You will never regret the cost of the course!”

* Janet Howerton says: “Life Book is a weekly on line event that is like a party and a classroom. It teaches participants skills in self-care and emotional well-being that I, as a licensed professional counselor, could charge a tidy sum to teach! Combining this teaching with art is the kind of art therapy we taught in the residential program where I worked. Tam and her guest artists do this in lovely non-intrusive ways that are not overwhelming for any one who has not experienced it, but are satisfying for those of us who have. Further, where ever you place yourself on the continuum of skill as an artist, you will still grow and learn from this course. The classes with Tam are priceless, then she adds guests artists to bring in their unique perspectives. I look forward to find this in my email every week! I highly recommend it for all!!”

* Denny Cheever says: “When I signed up for LB15, I had never done anything like this! I am thrilled with what I am learning here! Not only on the artsy side of things, also the introspective side of things. Tam’s teachings are very much aligned with what I believe myself! However far across the pond, I feel united in SPIRIT! I am learning to TRUST myself, BE Perfectly Imperfect and GENTLE as my art lessons unfold. So what if I’m not currently current, I am so proud of what I have completed! Something I never thought I’d be able to say! This is HOW I describe it to my friends …I am taking the most amazing year long online art course! It’s facilitated by a lovely woman in the UK and her staff. She is an amazing artist who shares wonderful lessons with us. There are video lessons and PDF information sheets that make it totally doable. She has also enrolled some amazing artists to do guest lessons throughout the year so I get lots of different art styles to learn from! Yes … a years worth of lessons!! Every Monday I have a new gift in my inbox!! I LOVE IT!”

* Fiona Jackson says: “I just love waking up on a Monday morning and then sitting at my PC going through my emails, waiting for the week’s lesson to come up. Of course, I love watching the lessons, and doing the work as well. Life Book is a unique experience. When I started I was really new to so much in the world of mixed media, but I have learnt so much and feel much more confident about sharing my work because of it. I’d highly recommend this course to anyone, however long they’ve been painting and journalling. Every week you have a whole new experience to dive into – I don’t want the year to ever end!”

* Pam Welchly says:  “I have described it as a course which teaches many mixed art techniques from multiple sources, and embraces the holistic, and free expression without fear of being judged. It is enveloped with a NVC manner from the get-go. And I mention the accepted nonlinear way of studying,allowing self to be inspired by substitutions, which allow happy intuitive spillage onto the page. There is an essence of harmony and peace which come forth by the way it is taught. One after another intuitive moments bloom. I say that you teach in a true and heartful way, on a path of inspiration, where our inner child can play in growing trust, without fences and continue our dreams and continue becoming masters of our universe. Its a space where my inner child and goddess play together to manifest everything wild or ordinary, whichever occurs to us in the moment.”

* Lin Mujaj says: “This course is fun and versatile. Because of the range of teachers and lesson plans there is something here for every artist from the inexperienced to the more advanced. From those who like to draw faces to those who like to work more intuitively. From playful to serious. This is my third year on Lifebook and my third year playing with art. I feel so blessed that Lifebook became part of my life.”

* Wendy Graham says: “I just had this conversation with a friend actually. I told her it was a journey into creativity with someone who feels like a friend who is there holding your hand. The teachers are real people and some of the vids have made me laugh out loud seriously. Time spent each week in art has relaxed me and lowered my stress levels. You should seriously invest in yourself and try the classes. Then I pointed her to the free lesson you posted a few weeks ago & last I heard she was crawling YouTube for art vids.”

* Judith Brown Bryan says: “LB is the most amazing value – not just financially but with the exposure to so many teachers and techniques. I am learning so much and growing as a creative. It is a beautiful combination of art and personal growth, so that those of us who don’t call ourselves artists can fully join in.”

* Tamara Norcliffe says: “Life Book is way more than an instructional art course, it is an enriching life experience which inspires transformation, development and growth in ways you never imagined possible.”

* Wendy King says:  “Life Book is an online class that runs for a whole year and it’s full of wonderful art lessons and a huge variety of teachers. You’ll get to explore different art styles and learn so many new techniques. It has a lot of variety in it so you never get bored and you can go at your own pace, you don’t have to do every lesson. Life Book also has meditation in it and I have found it wonderful to help release my creativity and realise I am a worthy person. It’s been a huge and wonderful journey. It’s Absolutely fantastic, you’ll just love it and it will help you grow as an artist and also as a person. Go join now, quickly. You won’t regret it. Learning to heal my mind, body and soul more through art and things like meditation. To face my fears and just create. Learning to accept and love myself more.”

* Rhiannon Addams says: “Totally worth it. You don’t have to keep up and complete every week to get your money’s worth. Even if you only do half the course – it will reach a part of you that you forgot about. The creative practice & focus will bring out something special in you that is totally unexpected! And that is totally awesome and totally worth showing up for!”

* Chris Galante says: “This is a marvelous way to be introduced to art and not have experience.”

* Michele M. Quam says: “Overall… this is one of the best classes I’ve ever taken on line… Every week is a new adventure, a surprise waiting to be unveiled… There are so many ways to interpret each lesson, I always get something new even if the teacher has taught before…I love that I can work at my own pace, that if it connects I can go my own direction… I love that if I’m not as interested in a specific lesson there is always something I get from it… I love that if I have a busy week, I can save the lesson for a later date…”

* Beth Lunsford says:  “Love it so much and being a part of this let’s me know that I am not alone as I live a creative life. I can turn down the inner critic more effectively these days and I apply paint and make marks with more courage. A safe place to create, learn what you have always wanted to learn about faces and art in general. A place where you can become more self aware not matter your background.”

* Sharon Haines says: “It’s a course with huge heart which connects me to myself, my inner truth, my power and my wisdom – if you’re open to it the world of creativity is your oyster – it encourages and supports growth and self appreciation far beyond what I could have imagined when I started – it has given me so much and shown me that I can do it even when I think I can’t – I just cannot recommend it enough – plus it’s an absolute bargain, brimming with content and teachers, find the £75 it’s worth it beyond your wildest dreams.”

Testimonials Life Book 2014

✻ Pepi Valderrama, Spain
says: “If you want to have fun, laugh, meditate, discover yourself, and find parts of you you didn’t know existed within you, you have to be part of the tribe! Life Book is more than just some art lessons, is a journey we make with people around the world, all together, with joy and creativity. We are like a family who shares art, life experiences and warmth. There is more than art in Life Book!

✻ Maryann Covington, Kent, UK says: “An amazing opportunity to learn loads of techniques from loads of different teachers within a really supportive lovely community, for an incredible price.”

✻ Kim McKinstry, Lumberton, Tx USA says: “An excellent opportunity to learn from a large variety of teachers, explore and connect with thousands of artist online, and the best thing I have found, so far, to give me the confidence I need to move forward with my own ideas.”

✻ Nicole Jones, Tennessee, USA: “Life Book is an incredible mixed media art course taught by an eclectic group of talented artists. You get to spend the year playing with all sorts of materials, working in different styles and learning new techniques. The Life Book community, teachers and students alike, is filled with warm, welcoming and supportive people who are always there to offer encouragement and guidance. It has been such a fun and rewarding experience, and I highly recommend it to anyone. I am a better artist and a happier person for having been part of Life Book!”

✻ Jill Holmes, Brunswick, GA USA says: “One of the best, year-long art motivations that one can purchase on the internet.  The variety of techniques and teachings are amazing and it is a very good value for the money involved to participate.”

✻ Nia Bennison Maple Ridge, BC USA says: “Life changing!”

✻ Sharon from Bristol UK says: “It is the best e-course I have ever taken (and I’ve taken a lot)…you sure can’t beat it anywhere!”

✻ Rosa from USA, Oroville, CA says: “Lifebook is a weekly commitment to art journaling. There are so many wonderful and varied teachers from around the world. You can work  at your on pace and on your own schedule. The Lifebook community is so supportive and encouraging of each other’s work. There is so much that can be learned technically and spiritually. You can participate as much or as little as you wish. But the more you put into Lifebook, the more you will get out of it. It’s absolutely the best online class I have ever taken!”

 Marsha Mees, California, CA. USA says: “Unbelievable!   An art lesson every week, 52 weeks of creativity!   Lifebook feeds my creative soul.  Meeting new people, new artists, making new friends, creating art, what more could you ask for.   All this for such a great price!!!   Who doesn’t want to create in their Jammie’s”

* Kim Margarit Canada says: “Be prepared to have your socks knocked off! It’s FUN, it’s so SELF-FULFILLING & GRATIFYING. You’ll grow as an artist & find that with all the fun stuff, that your heart is opened more as well.  That with all of Tam’s love & positive messages, it changes you little by little in such a delightful way.  I feel blessed to be a part of LifeBook & know of it’s magical powers to transform.”

✻ Amanda from Jackson MI, USA says: “I never dreamed that an on-line art class would make such a dramatic impact on my life! As long as Life Book is offered, I will be there!!!”

✻ Charmain from United States – Toney, AL says: “It has been a fantastic experience, I look forward to Monday mornings, so that I can see what I am going to experience this week. I’ve been exposed to so many teachers and different avenues of mixed media. It has just been GREAT!”
✻ Jan from Stratham, New Hampshire, USA says: “Just can’t thank you enough for the experience! Because of you and your class I was “brave” enough to sign up for a couple of other on line classes this summer and continue to grow in confidence. Would never have tried these classes without you and your wonderful Lifebook experience. You truly are amazing and thank you for touching so many of our lives!”
✻ Glenda from Henderson, NV, United States says: “One of the residuals of my childhood is not feeling loved or wanted. This experience has helped me to heal and as I write these words I am realizing just how much. I am thankful for Tam and all the teachers. I love them all and their teaching skills are just phenomenal. I am even overcoming my aversion to drawing the human body. Through Life book I have come to embrace the artist that lies deep inside and quieting the self talk that told me for years I was not an artist. Thank you Tam and teachers for helping me to grow.”
✻ Liezbeth from Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands says: “I love the fact that everything is downloadable. This way I can download my favorite lessons and do them another time, I can also take them on my Ipad and take them on holiday.”
✻ Carolyn from Queensland, Australia says: “Life Book has been my first experience of an online art course, and I love it- I’m sold on it!”
✻ Sharon from Bristol UK says: “I have loved it and have made some great stuff – am still looking forward to the book binding bit at the end. I think the course is an absolute bargain and even if I had only completed a couple of lessons, I would have been very happy. The content is massive, massive and I think on so many levels LB is a very generous offering. Hats off to you Tam cos you must have to work very hard to make it what it is. I have enjoyed the meditations and the artist interviews as well as the art making itself.”
✻ Rosa from USA, Oroville, CA says: “i will say it again…best investment for myself…enjoyable…knowledge is priceless and i have learned so much about myself and art techniques…especially without leaving home…in my pajamas…can’t get any better than that”

Cornelia from Washington State, USA says: “Life Book continues to amaze me. I am feeling more grounded and able to express feelings. I am becoming less judgmental towards myself and more accepting. I look forward to each Life Book lesson. My art ability is improving and I am developing strong preferences for material that I use in my projects. I am a quilter and a knitter, but have not had an art background. It did not matter. I now consider myself an artist. Loved the art angel lesson at the beginning. I was very critical of my artistic endeavors, but my art angel is there to express kindness and acceptance of my art. Thanks again to all of you, especially Tam, for all the hard work and love you contribute to this course.”


“The best course on the web, if you really want to find yourself in your art. You will find healing and acceptance, and at some point you will discover that not only have you made art, you have made friends as well. By learning in this safe and supportive environment, it was easy to share my work, and to learn from other classmates, as well. I enjoyed this class so much, that I would love to take it again! I am hoping for a Whimsy Class # 2”. – Merry Sunny Faith

“This was a great course. I can’t believe I actually gained enough confidence and encouragement to put my art on the internet for anyone to see! Tam is so supportive and skilled, it is a great combination.” – Susan Koopmans

“Take Tam’s class if you can, you won’t be sorry. Your confidence and abilities will grow each week. Tam has a way of making art fun exciting and do-able. She shows you how to work through each and every step of the painting with ease. At the end of her course you will have paintings you will be proud of no matter what level you started from. It’s a small price to pay for something that just might enrich your life. It has mine.” -Sherree Givens

“Tam’s course was wonderful, and so enjoyable. She is so friendly and lovely. Her presentation is very good and she’s very clear with her instructions. She also leaves in her mistakes which makes us feel better when things don’t go quite according to plan.” -Lindsay Long

“It’s fun and will get you creating. Its non-competitive, relaxed, supportive.

Tam is incredibly generous with her time. Lessons consist of videos each week, PDFs, live upstream chat and critiques. This is where Tam really shines as she takes each persons uploaded drawings and gives very specific visual suggestions by manipulating the images in Photoshop. Can you imagine the time this must take?

I was super engaged and really enjoying the whole Group experience. There are some wonderful artists involved, lots of beginners and people rediscovering their artistic talents. It is a nurturing experience. The forum around the lessons is very active and Tam is completely involved. Having the course leader putting energy into the discussions makes such a huge difference. I have so much admiration for her. She really has created a happy place for making art.

What I got out of it: I am really having fun just being free and drawing whimsical characters! I have at least one that wants his own book! I have started experimenting with techniques incorporating my photography! I am having so much FUN!

Highly recommended!” -Jane Davenport, Byron Bay, Australia

“Very enjoyable, relaxing, friendly, and knowledgeable. I was really amazed at how much you care about the people who sign up, it is not all about the money. When you reached out to those of us who do not particapate, I am one of those, it made me feel that I wasn’t a number and that you are an angel!”- Alana Churchill, Columbus Montana US

“An artful, intuitive, wacky, fun, learning experience.” – Leesdy Medina

“This was the best art class I have ever taken. I loved the forum. I could work on my schedule, and still have interaction with the class. The video chats were also very helpful. Tam, this class really has encouraged me as an artist!” – Dina Cooper, USA

Watch a slideshow of the art work that students created on the world of whimsy course.->


“I loved this class. Not only was the work presented in an easy to understand set of PDFs and, more importantly, wonderfully made videos…but Tam, as instructor, comes across as a truly caring and nurturing person. I’ve never before taken an on-line class where I felt as if I was in the same room as the instructor…and that she really wanted her students to succeed and feel good about themselves. Thanks Tam, for a wonderful learning experience.” – Irene Watts, Las Vegas, NV USA

“A very well put together course, covering many aspects of portraiture in an easy to understand way, with a direct line to the instructor for tips, tricks, and helpful critiques.” – Emily Earl, Chatsworth, CA”

“The course was the reason why a stayed awake till 1pm… to watch the new video ;)” – Nicole Walther, Germany

“You’re gonna learn to draw portraits easily and without stress because Tam is a lovely girl who takes time to explain and give all the details you need.” – Peggy Petit Paris, France”

“Fabulous Faces is a brilliant course, if you are interested in drawing and painting then you really should do this course.” – Julie Stenning, Forest of Dean, UK

“If you’ve never had ART training before but would like to try out to see if you can bring out that little artsy side of yourself, you’ll be amazed how far you can go with Willowing’s course. She runs this online Art workshops in a very safe and encouraging environment. She gives you extensive content full of information in her high quality videos and you get to network with students. She gives special attention to every single student in a caring manner. It’s really amazing and I highly recommend taking one of her workshop.” – Sung-Hee (Regina) Hong
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“One of my biggest handicaps with drawing the human body has always been faces, so I have always stayed away from faces. This course has given me the freedom to try, make mistakes and try again, to the point where I am now comfortable to draw faces. The teaching was comprehensive, and very easy to understand. This was also the next best thing to being in a classroom. Learning at my own pace meant no pressure, and feedback always encouraging. A very pleasurable course.” – Kelly, Japan


“This is a course that will help to ignite your journal creations through different and attractive techniques. Interspersed with some healing techniques that could be integrated, along with the techniques learnt, into your journaling by means of weekly exercises. Everything happens in a gentle and relaxing environment where you can get feedback and find even more inspiration through interaction with other participants.” – Tere Valenzuela, Mexico

“Tam offers a solid course in art journaling, presented in a playful way that invites participation.” – Alix North

“It was AWESOME!!!! I highly recommend it to anyone who loves art & journaling!!” -Debi Lowe

“All and all a very thorough walk through of most aspects of Art journaling, and in addition most of the techniques can also be used in paintings. The course guides you through enough techniques to keep you going for a long time. Willowing way of teaching is both fun and inspiring – so you better have your materials ready, because you will want to get started as soon as you here her first “Hallooooooo everyone” ;-).” – Mette Engell


“I took a digital art course with Tamara LaPorte at Willowing.ning.com using Photoshop Elements. It was so much fun and I learned so much. Now I have the best of both worlds, computer art and material art and they can be mixed. You could call it mixed media digital art as we used lots of layers, brushes, clip art, our materially created art, etc. Our teacher was so clear and easy to understand. Her course was very well prepared and the videos & PDFs were excellent. She is fun and funny but very serious about her art and the way she teaches. She is encouraging, offers her critique but is never negative. The girls that took the course and posted their work were very kind, encouraging and helpful. Very well run class and totally worth the money invested.” Terry Carter, Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A.

“A very motivating a easy to learn course, starting from the basics and getting very fast into fantastic results. And the best feedback ever! ” – Mari Carmen Puerta Melguizo – Netherlands

“I would say that Tam is an excellent teacher that is able to communicate the lessons very well in this format. I would also say that the value far exceeds the cost of the workshop. I learned more about PSE in the first 10 minutes of the first video than I had learned on my own in 6 months. ” – Sharon Benini – Delaware

“I am 100% newb with Photoshop. I found this course enjoyable and thought-provoking, and especially fun. Each session ran at a very relaxed pace, I never felt rushed. The very best part of this course was that Tam considered every person as being individually talented, no right…..no wrong way. I felt that she knew that “EVERYONE” has the ability to be artistic……it doesn’t get any better than that. Tam was always happy and very pleasant, which is very encouraging!” – Ellie Nelson, Lenox, MI USA

“Tam’s Digital Dreams eCourse was very informative and easy to follow. I was able to participate and create wonderful art even though I only had CS1. Tam’s an awesome teacher, compassionate and real, she’s right there with you every step of the way. Whether you are new to PS or have some knowledge you will walk away with some awesome tricks and tips after doing this eCourse.” – Allurynn Daugherty, Colorado USA

“I would recommend any course run by Tam, both for content and for the way in which they are presented and point out there is always lovely people at Willowing courses and you always feel comfortable and safe.” – Karen Hawkins, NSW, Australia

“I have taken several courses with Tammy. She is a very kind, encouraging and generous teacher. My painting skills have improved immensely as a result. She provides you with downloadable videos which cover the procecss(es) step by step. You can work at your own pace, pausing and re-winding as you wish. There isn’t a teacher over your shoulder taking over your picture.” – Julie Stenning, Forest of Dean, U.K.

Watch another slide show of art work created on one of my courses:


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6 Responses

  1. Sue svensen
    Sue svensen October 1, 2013 at 9:25 am · Reply

    Hello, I have just done the Summer Fae course. I am thrilled with the profile portrait that I created. It was the first portrait that I have done in colour. Tam’s videos and pdfs are really detailed and I was able to follow along as I did my portrait. It makes me happy when I look at it and i do a little happy dance!

    1. Tam
      Tam October 1, 2013 at 1:30 pm · Reply

      thank you for your wonderful feedback dear Sue!

  2. saguaroblog
    saguaroblog March 14, 2016 at 11:55 pm · Reply

    Ohhooooooooooooooooooooo Tam it would be so wonderful to win a Quirky Bird mug. This is my FIRST LIFE BOOK AND NOT MY LAST. Your blog is awesome you should be proud. Living in AZ turquoise color IS THE COLOR. I loved that lesson and so did everyone around me. Good luck.

  3. Judy Murphy
    Judy Murphy September 5, 2016 at 5:37 pm · Reply

    Lifebook has opened up art for me , I was stuck and doing the same type of thing over and over. I am so very happy and amazed at the vast array of skills taught in lifebook that I cannot praise this wonderful course enough. Tam and everyone involved have truly changed my perspective and opened up a world of possibilities. Thank you so very much all of you for your warm and amazing personalities and your talent at inspiring those of us who want to learn to have fun with our art.

  4. mehdi
    mehdi December 14, 2016 at 2:30 am · Reply

    A year ago I thought I couldn’t draw and I couldn’t paint… I joined life book and began to develop my own style and confidence, some of the lessons have been scary and pushed me way way way out of any comfort zone I had, and yet today I’m sat here spewing with creativity (spewing in a good way) and I don’t have enough words to express how forever grateful I am to Tam and her team for giving me one of the greatest gifts I will ever have and I cherish it every single day. So there gushy emotional gratitude post xxx”

  5. Karean Lea Smith
    Karean Lea Smith May 15, 2017 at 1:26 pm · Reply

    I signed up for the summer goddess 4-5 days ago and cannot get into the class. Also, there is no log-in to click on to get to my account, orders, customer service, etc. Please respond.
    Thank you

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