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Angels are Always with You

This lesson was first published as part of Life Book 2020 and is now available as a stand alone class!

In this class we are going to be creating our ‘Angels With You’ painting. :) Specifically in this lesson we will create 2 characters. The main character is an ‘angel’ (or a divine being of some sorts) who lovingly has her wing around a sleeping child. The angel represents a character who is ‘always with you’. The idea is that you can call upon this character throughout the year for empathy, compassion, understanding and compassion. You can also call upon this character to help fulfil any dreams you might have. The child represents our ‘inner child’, which is often the part of us that needs protection, love and care. This project is suitable for all skill-levels. It is a more in depth project but all the steps are clearly laid out so that all skill levels can follow the lesson. We will create a 2 front facing characters (1 with closed eyes) on a layered mixed media background.

This lesson is supported by a PDF. Approximately 3 hours of video content.

Hope you’ll join! :D

Click on image below to enter see photos of the type of painting we’ll make:


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