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Kaleidoscope 2020 – Inspiration Bundle

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Kaleidoscope 2020 Inspiration Bundle
is now on Sale!

Kaleidoscope 2020 has finished running, and the teacher’s individual classes are available here as a packaged ‘bundle’ deal. This ‘Kaleidoscope Inspiration Bundle’ includes 16 in-depth lessons from 15 awesome and inspiring teachers including Tam’s from Kaleidoscope 2020. Also included are the 7 taster sessions (1 main lesson: Goddess Athena and 6 bonus taster sessions)! Woohoo!

This deal does not include the colour theory portion of the main Kaleidoscope course, just the main art lessons. If you want to sign up to the full Kaleidoscope course and dive deeply into colour please check out the current Kaleidoscope (check the menu bar for the current main Kaleidoscope course).

The lessons in this bundle are taken from Kaleidoscope 2020; Kaleidoscope 2020 was a 4 month course where Tam and 14 other art teachers shared their mixed media techniques, tips and tricks by each creating a unique painting based on a chosen inspirational person or place. Kaleidoscope 2020 has now finished but the ART lessons from Kaleidoscope 2020 have been put together for you here in this stand alone Kaleidoscope Inspiration Bundle.

These are all the projects we’ll do together:

Taster sessions:

(click on the images to see the larger versions)

Main lessons:

(click on the images to see the larger versions)


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Lesson projects and teachers:

  • Lady with The Lamp with Tamara Laporte
  • Whole, Worthy, Loved with Tamara Laporte
  • A Little Book of Blooms with Laly Mille
  • Spirit of the Land with Toni Burt
  • I Have Wings to Fly with Tracy Verdugo
  • Mango The Toucan with Eulalia Mejia
  • Rumi with Lucy Brydon
  • Courage with Andrea Gomoll
  • Your Artistic Lineage with Effy Wild
  • Maya Angelou & Nina Simone with Christa Forrest
  • Moonlight Walk with Artemis with Ida Andersen Lang
  • Van Gogh Flower with Dana Bloede
  • Margaret Atwood with Lisa Filion
  • Visiting Venice with Wendy Brightbill
  • Enlightened World – Deepak Chopra with Leah Guzman
  • Waterfalls with Annamieka Hopps Davidson

Taster Week Sessions;

  • Main lesson: Goddess Athena with Tamara Laporte
  • Bonus: The Mighty Lion with Tamara Laporte
  • Bonus: All His Children with Tamara Laporte
  • Bonus: Colour Charting with Tamara Laporte
  • Bonus: The Amalfi Coast – Italy with Tamara Laporte
  • Bonus: Greta Thunberg with Tamara Laporte
  • Bonus: Rainbow Confetti with Tamara Laporte
  • Access to Kaleidoscope 2020 ART Lessons
  • 16 main, in depth lessons
  • 7 Taster Sessions by Tamara Laporte (1 main lesson: Goddess Athena and 6 bonus taster sessions)
  • All class content is downloadable
  • Type of lesson: self study class
  • Video + PDF content
  • Life Long Access
  • Work from the comfort of your own home

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