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Life Book 2017

For questions about Life Book contact Tam, Gracie or Maddie on

“Life Book, a celebration and honouring of YOU”
is a year-long mixed media art class
organised by Tamara Laporte from Willowing Arts.

Tam is joined by 23 incredible art teachers who are all gearing up to share their mixed media techniques, tips and tricks with YOU! Themed around self-development and healing, you’ll be creating several loose mixed media art journal pages per month which by the end of the year you will bind into a glorious journal (a Life Book)! You will have a wonderful keepsake that you can treasure for the rest of your life!

Watch this fun promotional video for information
about Life Book 2017 and a dose of ‘happy’! :)

Registration Now Open!
Class has Begun but you can absoloooodely still join!! :)

(You get access to all previously posted classes and you can download all content!)

Hello dear one! My name is Tam! Thank you for stopping by and checking out the Life Book information. Life Book is SUCH a precious project to me, I pour my be-end all into this baby. Let me tell you all about it. It’s kinda an offer you can’t refuse I’m sure! Over 3600+ wonderful people joined us on Life Book last year (and over 12500+ people have joined it since its inception in 2012!), it’s been an incredible experience.

People have learned so much! They’ve created such beautiful art work and they’ve been so brave when digging deeper into some of the personal development exercises! I receive uplifting emails almost daily from participants telling me how Life Book has enriched their lives (check out the testimonials by scrolling down or clicking here) I’m so honoured and blessed to be the host of this fantabulous course each year. I count my lucky stars every day!

In a nutshell, this is the Incredible Life Book 2017 offer:

◙ A minimum of 6 in depth Mixed Media Art Lessons + a Minimum of 4 Bonus Sessions by me: Tam  (it usually ends up being more than that though because I get excited about all the new things I learn and find it difficult not to share haha!)
◙ 21 In depth Mixed Media Art Lessons by Spectacular Guest Teachers (see below who the 2017 guest teachers are)
◙ 21 (Smaller) Bonus Activities like: extra PDF prompts & step by steps/ artist interviews/ ATC swaps/ give aways/ audio meditations/ writing prompts etc by Tam & Guest Teachers

In other words: a minimum of 1 lesson or session every week!

A minimum of 52 creative, inspiring, encouraging, enabling, liberating, colourful, insightful sessions throughout the year!

So basically you continue to receive creative inspiration and prompts WEEKLY (without fail, every week there is something for you to enjoy) and all that for ONLY £89 GBP or approx $115 USD (the course content is valued at over $2000+ so you get a year filled with incredible lessons and inspiration for only a fraction of the retail price, is that awesome or awesome?) There is no catch here, just me and a bunch of awesome other artists wanting you to have access to a ‘library’ of inspiring & educational art lessons and personal development tools that help you enrich your life. Simple as that. :) I personally believe that practising self care through art & self enquiry creates happier people and happier people equals a better world (happy people are nice to others and spread light and goodness! and sometimes: muffins!!!). :-) But seriously though: happiness is serious business, in that, it truly benefits you and the world & people around you!

I’m so excited about all the fantastic contributions this year! We have a range of truly incredible artists contributing their wisdom, light, beauty and artistic talent to the course, people like Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, Misty Mawn, Andrea Gomoll and Annie Hamman are only a handful of the amazing teachers contributing to Life Book 2017! (Scroll down to read about the entire teacher line up for LB2017!!)

Isn’t this just awesome? Of course, I am totally biased, but if I came across an offer like this myself: I would jump at the chance! Not only because you can download all the videos which means that even if you fall behind or if you can’t participate for a while, you can revisit the lessons at your own time in the future should you want to. :)

Who can sign up to Life Book?

What if I haven’t ever created art before, can I join? Darling, OF COURSE YOU CAN! Life Book is for EVERYONE! :) Sure, the course will be easier if you’ve done some art already, but don’t deprive yourself of learning the awesome magic making and healing power of art just because you haven’t done it before! The course is suitable for beginners/ intermediates and masters alike! Everyone will get something different out of the course. The course is run in an open, supportive, inclusive and encouraging environment where you can play, experiment, make a ‘fool’ of yourself and start all over again! There will be no judgement, we will only love you and encourage you! :) All lessons are conducted in such a way that you can follow the tutors step by step, so you can do what they do, and if that bores you, then you can go totally off the rails and do your own thing inspired by their lesson! Sounds good? :) You are loved and welcome here, no matter what skill level, for serious! :D xoxoox

Things to consider before joining:

Life Book is all about “inclusivity” and welcomes every person no matter gender, ethnicity, religious background or age. That said, the course might not be suitable for you if:

  • You are under the age of 18 – it is recommended that children and teenagers do the course with a parent or custodian mainly because of the personal development element of the course. (Many parents have done the course with their teenage or younger children, if you have questions about this pls email us on willowing.arts AT
  • If you are bothered by references that are more ‘new age/ “woo woo”‘ in nature. We may refer to concepts such ‘the inner goddess’, ‘the muse’, “Intuition”, “Shamanism”, “Mandalas”, “Crystals”, “Yoga”, “Sacred Ritual”, “Being Here Now” etc.
  • If you strongly do not enjoy or if you do not want to be exposed to personal development/ healing concepts (though these sections can be skipped)
  • If you are hoping that each lesson will present a completely new technique and that no technique is ever repeated. Each lesson is fresh and newly created by each teacher, BUT we all work in the same field, so we will likely overlap with some techniques here and there. That doesn’t mean you don’t learn anything new because we all do something different with each technique, each teacher has their own unique style and creates amazing work, just be aware that some techniques may overlap or that some styles are similar.
  • If you hope that Life Book can be the sole treatment for an existing mental health issue (Life Book can be used in support of a therapy treatment, but should not be used as the only treatment for a mental health issue.)
  • If you don’t like drawing faces/ portraits. Though all lessons are different and many lessons will not include drawing/ painting a face, expect approx 30-40% of the lessons to include a face of some sorts (either attached to a little whimsical body or as an actual portrait by itself). The rest of the lessons can include: abstract shapes, natural shapes (flowers/ trees etc), animals, landscapes including houses etc.

What do I need and need to know in order to join Life Book 2017?

  • You will need a highspeed internet connectionto be able to download and the videos. If you have a slower connection you can stream the videos online and/ or learn through the PDFs, but the best option is to have a highspeed internet connection.
  • It will be helpful to have a basic understanding of IT, like reading emails, navigating sites like Facebook and flickr etc. If you’re having trouble with some IT related stuff some help can be given, but in depth IT guidance cannot be given.
  • If you are planning on downloading and keeping the videos you will need to make sure you have “a few” gigabites available. Each video can be between 200 – 900 MB in size. Multiply that by at least 32 lessons and you can see you’ll need quite a bit of space! (Aim for a minimum of 80gbs – we recommend you buy a separate external harddrive to which you can download all the lessons). Unfortunately I am unable to offer the entire class on DVD/ CD (it would be at least 20 DVDs).
  • Be aware that you will have access to the Life Book content until the end of January 2018, so make sure you download what you want throughout the year, DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE, because the content will really disappear after Jan 31st 2018.
  • With regards to the personal development exercises: please understand that none of the art teachers on the course are qualified psychotherapists or psychologists. Therefore if you are prone to depression or if you think you might be triggered through one of the healing exercises it’s important that you only embark upon the healing exercises knowing that you have an adequate support system around in the form of friends, family and/or a therapist to help you deal with painful stuff should this happen. Though there will be an ’emotional support thread’ on the course available, the teachers and I are not able to provide you with in depth emotional support (as much as we would want to!)
  • This course should not be considered a substitute or a replacement for face-to-face therapy. It is designed to help and encourage the participant to love and accept themselves more fully through personal development exercises and connecting with their inner creative nature. Participants who suffer from any kind of mental health issues are advised to seek the help from mental health professionals. Life Book can be used as a supplement to any therapy treatment, but should not be used as a main form of treatment for any mental health issues.
  • The course is not based on any specific religious faith but may refer to and base lessons on and around ‘non-dual’ teachings. The course is inclusive of every human being regardless of their chosen faith (or non-faith). The theme focus of the course is ‘self-development/ self-love/ self-healing’. We may refer to concepts such as: “The Goddess in You”, “Intuition”, “Shamanism”, “Mandalas”, “Crystals”, “Yoga”, “Sacred Ritual”, “Being Here Now” etc.

Types of Art You Will Learn to Create

Click on the thumbnails to see a selection of the art work
that has already been taught so far this year.


Read all about the Life Book 2017 Teachers!

Download the Life Book 2017 Schedule!

Download the Suggested Supply List!


You will be able to:

    • Download all class materials to your machine, keep them forever
    • Learn many new mixed media techniques and styles
    • Grow and develop both personally and artistically
    • Receive extra inspiration, like PDF worksheets, art journal prompts, ATC swaps, guided visuations & meditations, artist interviews etc!
    • Connect with like-minded creative people
    • Make new artistic connections
    • Become part of a buzzing/ thriving art community for a whole year!


  1. Life Book is a fantastic way to grow your self, your knowledge of supplies and techniques and your confidence in creating art. Being able to engage in the lessons any time that is convenient to you is liberating and actually invites you to weave art through your life rather than expecting you to turn up at, say, 2pm every Tuesday You can choose to listen to the teachers every word and watch their every stroke, or you can just be inspired by the lessons and take your own path. Life Book is what you make out of it, but it provides you with all the support, information and inspiration you need to make a wonderful year out of it. – Kath Young – Australia

  2. Unbelievable, Life changing, jammed packed classes for any skill level. Wonderful teachers that explain and guide you to create in a loving environment. They even have a Facebook group just for you and your class mates to share and support one another. You will not be sorry, Tam is amazing and will have you relaxed and comfortable and all the teachers are as well. There is something in Life Book that is waiting for just you. – Denise Sorro-Butler – Tennessee, USA

  3. onestly, it is the best course I have taken in my life (seriously). I have learned so much and it is helping to make my art evolve. The teachers are wonderful. If you would’ve shown me some of the pieces I did from this course a year ago, I wouldn’t have believed I could have created them. This is the most amazing course EVER! I am so glad I stumbled across the mention on Facebook. – Susan Romita – New York, USA

  4. I have grown so much and learned so much about how my different art materials work. I’ve struggled and been astounded at things I’ve created. I’ve been blown away by some of my fellow classmates’ work, and I am determined not to compare my near-beginning to someone else’s middle! I’ve learned how to fix things if I mess up and I’m more confident in my work. And I had fun! I think you undervalue the course – it is worth far more than we pay for it. But I understand you want to keep it affordable for a larger number of people. And Tam, I love love love the little dance you do at the beginning of your videos! It makes me so happy. – Life Book is an amazing mixed media journey with a great variety of teachers, where you have a lesson each week and you learn more than you ever thought possible. It’s an amazing value for what you receive. You MUST do it! – Kim DuPree

  5. Life Book is a weekly on line event that is like a party and a classroom. It teaches participants skills in self-care and emotional well-being that I, as a licensed professional counselor, could charge a tidy sum to teach! Combining this teaching with art is the kind of art therapy we taught in the residential program where I worked. Tam and her guest artists do this in lovely non-intrusive ways that are not overwhelming for any one who has not experienced it, but are satisfying for those of us who have. Further, where ever you place yourself on the continuum of skill as an artist, you will still grow and learn from this course. The classes with Tam are priceless, then she adds guests artists to bring in their unique perspectives. I look forward to find this in my email every week! I highly recommend it for all!! – Janet Howerton

  6. I just love waking up on a Monday morning and then sitting at my PC going through my emails, waiting for the week’s lesson to come up. Of course, I love watching the lessons, and doing the work as well. Life Book is a unique experience. When I started I was really new to so much in the world of mixed media, but I have learnt so much and feel much more confident about sharing my work because of it. I’d highly recommend this course to anyone, however long they’ve been painting and journalling. Every week you have a whole new experience to dive into – I don’t want the year to ever end! – Fiona Jackson

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LB2017 Extreme

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LB2017 Double Extreme

LB2017 Double Extreme

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LB2017 ALL (the life book products) for total and complete Life Book junkies! :))

LB2017 ALL (the life book products) for total and complete Life Book junkies! :))

Includes access to Life Book 2017 for one person + life long access to all four of the “Life Book Tam Editions” (LB 2012/ 2013/ 2014/ 2015/ 2016 Tam Editions) – Please note: Life Book Tam editions include all of Tam’s Life Book lessons for that year: these classes DO NOT include the Life Book guest teachers’ classes from previous years – you’re only buying extra Tam classes from previous Life Book years.

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Art Explosion Package!

Art Explosion Package!

Includes access to Life Book 2017 for one person + life long access to all four of the “Life Book Tam Editions” (2012/2013/2014/ 2015/2016) – (Please note: Life Book Tam editions include all of Tam’s Life Book lessons for that year: these classes DO NOT include the Life Book guest teachers’ classes from previous years – you’re only buying extra Tam classes from previous Life Book years.) + life long access to two of Tam’s other self study courses (choose below).

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Pick & Mix!
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