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The Largest Heart and Giraffe Love

This lesson was first published as part of Life Book 2020 and is now available as a stand alone class!

This lesson includes 2 sessions:

  • Main Art Session: The Largest Heart. We will create a whimsical giraffe in (mostly) watercolours and we will focus on honouring our feelings/ inner experiences and grounding into the now and our bodies.
  • Bonus Art Session: Giraffe Love. We are going to make a collage & paint giraffe. I’m introducing you to a way to ‘build’ a painting here with a bit more emphasis the role collage can play in a painting.

This lesson is supported by a PDF. Approximately 3 hours of video content.

Hope you’ll join! :D

Click on image below to enter see photos of the type of painting we’ll make:


  • All class content is downloadable
  • Type of lesson: self study class
  • Video + PDF content
  • Life Long Access
  • Work from the comfort of your own home

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