July 30, 2017

My Fav Art Supplies – Updated! :)

Hey there fabulous friends! :) I was just checking up on my ‘favourite art supplies post’ from a while back and realised it’s dreadfully out of the date (read with dramatic voice!). So I felt called to do an updated ‘My Favourite Art Supplies’ post just for you, because I love you and you smell Read More

June 16, 2017

Ever After Free TASTER Session!

Hey there fabulous friend,  Yay!! Time for an in depth Ever After Taster Session!!! Are you ready? Feeling the magic?! :D Below you can try out my fairy tale lesson from Ever After 2016 (The Little Empowered Mermaid) AND a style development session too. Woohoo!   Over here at Willowing HQ we are excitedly prepping Read More

June 07, 2017

Some Vulnerable Sharing.

Ola from Spain dear friends. The world feels like it’s going up in flames while I calmly and peacefully listen to my children’s laughter (like bells ringing) as they splash around in a beautiful pool filled with fresh sparkly water. How can peaceful joy and abject devastating terror be present in the world at the Read More

June 02, 2017

Book Launch – Pre-order – I Wrote a Book You Guys! :D

I Wrote a Book You Guys! :D Hello most amazing friends! I wrote a book! I wrote a book!!! :D Can you believe it?! Let me tell you preabout how it happened! So, people have asked me for years if I would write a book, and I used to be reluctant as I’d seen many Read More

May 17, 2017

Winners Ever After Give Away and Registration now Open! :)

Ok you guys!! I’m totally ‘fairy-taled up’!! I’m currently eating, sleeping and breathing fairy tales, haha! :) Totally over excited teehee!! I dressed up as a fairy princess this weekend to do some filming for the promotional video for Ever After and now I’m ‘glittering up’ pretty much every day! :D  Anyhoo, you may already Read More

May 02, 2017

Ever After 2017 – Blog Hop & Give Away – Yippee!

Abracadabra ziggidy zoo, ala kazam, bippity boppity BOO; iiiiiit’s BLOG HOP & Give Away Tiiiiime! :) Weeeee! :) Soooo, not long to go until Ever After 2017, my newest collaborative fairy-tale course will go on sale (17th May)! But before it does, we like to basically throw a mahoosive give-away arty blog hop party! :D Read More

March 20, 2017

Instagram Round Up: Flower Girls

Instagram round up of Flower Girls! :) (Follow me in on Instagram HERE).  These flower girls keep turning up in my journal, I’m thinking of making them into a class, what do you think? There will be a heavy focus on working with Tombows and inks. :) 

February 14, 2017

Free Valentine’s Gift for You!

Hello beautiful you’s. :)       Here is a special message to YOU on this Valentine’s Day. :) On V-day each year I like to change the focus a little bit from the love for and of “other” to the love for and of your beautiful glorious self.  I like to invite you this year Read More

February 08, 2017

Creating a Tam Dreamboard

Hey wonderful creative friends, here a little blog post about creating a (Tam) Dreamboard that helps you manifest your dreams and call into your life what you want more of. My version of the dream board is a bit different from the more traditional one (where you mostly and only cut out collage pieces and glue Read More

December 27, 2016

Journey with the Light

This is the first project we’ll do for Life Book 2017. I love it. It gives me hope and solace.  The title of the class is: “Journey with the Light” but I’ve affectionally come to call the girl; “Star Girl”. :) Stars speak to me, I love them a lot as most of you know. Read More

December 16, 2016

Be the Queen of Your Life

Hey wonderful creative friends! A while back, the wonderful Gabrielle Javier-Cerulli invited me and some other amazing artists to be part of her book called: Art Journal Your Archetypes (check it out here: http://amzn.to/2hOVmpU). She asked us to provide 2 lessons for her book based on our own archetypes, after a long interesting chat with her, we Read More