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The Handsome Hare

This lesson was first published as part of Watercolour Wildlife 2023 and is now available as a stand alone class! Come join me, Tam to create a beautiful sea turtle in expressive watercolour paints!

We will be exploring the world of watercolour painting and acrylic inks as we create a beautiful, expressive painting of a hare. Hares are such charismatic and enchanting creatures, with their lively, energetic movements and playful personalities. The hare is an inspiring creature of the wild that captures our imaginations.

As we work on our paintings, we will aim to capture the essence of their spirit and bring them to life on the page. We will work in a loose, expressive style that encourages spontaneity and creativity. This style allows us to experiment with different techniques, layer colors, and build texture to create a unique and personalized painting. Weโ€™ll work in vibrant colours and look at how to paint impressions of natural elements too while playfully incorporating marks.

You get life long access to this lesson and you can download the videos and PDFS too!

Hope you’ll join! ๐Ÿ™‚
Much love, Tam ๐Ÿ’•

Click on image below to enter see photos of the type of painting we’ll make:


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